Continuing to emerge as an artist-to-watch this year, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher shares a new single entitled “If I Could” with accompanying visual today.

The song and video are out now via Darkroom / Interscope Records, watch above or listen here:

“”If I Could” is a very unique release for me because it was the first song I had ever written about someone else’s battles” says Ashley on the conception of the song, “but as it all came together, I found my own meaning within the lyrics. I think everyone will relate to this song in completely different ways and that’s what’s so beautiful about it.”

On the track, her vocals resound between sparsely soft piano, stretching from intimate verses into a powerful pledge, “And if I could, I would take it all away from you for good.” This emotionally charged ballad threads together acoustic guitar and strings as her dynamic vocals take center stage. As a cinematic anthem, “If I Could” hints at the scope of her voice and the depth of her songwriting all at once.

This release stands out as the official follow-up to her breakout song “Love You From A Distance.” After eclipsing 13 million streams on Spotify, it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. She recently provided another perspective on the track with an intimate performance on the Official Acoustic Video. The song paves the way for more music to come from Ashley Kutcher very soon. Be on the lookout!