John Vento New Single ‘New Mexico Way’

A western twang rings through and true on John Vento’s passionate “New Mexico Way”. The sound itself recalls New Mexico’s wide-open vistas and beautiful landscape. Volume is a must for this is a force of nature that cannot be tamed. Right in the very heart of the sound are John’s commanding vocals. With the rest of the band working to punctuate the power of his words, there is a certain clarity that comes through over the course of the entire journey, one that feels outright beautiful to behold.

The introduction sets the stage featuring incredible guitar strums, the sorts of things that demand attention. From there the rest of the sound gradually comes into view. Rhythms here have a tectonic quality to them for they never rush too much, they keep things at a perfect pace. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the whole of the work shines with vibrant, lush colors. His attention to the lyricism ensures that there is a dreamy, dazed quality to the way things unfurl. Layered to perfection the way one gets lost within the sound is truly magnificent. He blows the sound way out ensuring that everything simply swirls about in a glorious haze. For the finale he lets it all go to create a sort of resolution of sorts.

“New Mexico Way” has an engrossing spirit to it, showing off John Vento’s uncanny ability to sculpt an entire universe that feels so vivid.