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Sean Paul Release Visuals For Single “Everest” Featuring Masicka And Skilibeng via FADER PREMIERE

Coming on the heels of the release of his seventh studio album, ‘Live N Livin’, Sean Paul is ready to release the visuals for one of his tracks “Everest” featuring dancehall artistes Masicka and Skillibeng.

Directed by Kieran Khan Productions, Everest was shot in Kingston, Jamaica and signifies the collaboration over confrontation undertone, which Sean Paul exudes throughout this album.

Jonny Craig RETURNS in new music video “Sadness” (11:11)

“I wrote this song because simply I was fed up with being sad. This past year has been a huge improvement to my health both mental and physically.” Jonny states about the new single, “ Like the song says no time for sadness when I’m with my baddest. Thanks Sydney for changing the game for Me.”

Gentleman’s Dub Club Premiere New Video for “Honey” Feat. Hollie Cook

The video literally drips with sweetness. Toby Davies from the band states, “Honey is about the lure of attraction and the sweetness of that sensation mixed in with the dangers of being essentially addicted to a person, even if you are heading down a self-destructive path.”

Ted Park and Justin Park Release “Adore You, Dior You”

“I had the vision for ‘Adore You, Dior You’ with a fire singer on the second half of the hook. When I was in LA and linked up with Justin I knew it was the perfect time to bring the idea to life. When we went to the session with Banana Beats everything just clicked and Dacota G crushed the mix as always. I’m happy that me and Justin finally got one in, he’s very talented and I’m a fan.” – Ted Park

Country Newcomer Tucker Wetmore Debuts Official Music Video for “Kiss My A$$”

“I pride myself on my morals and being authentic to myself and my brand while releasing music that resonates with my fanbase,” explains Tucker in the exclusive with Celeb Secrets Country. “Everyone has been screwed over in some way and with my debut release, I hope people can relate.”

“Smoke from the Chimney” from upcoming Tony Joe White album available today

Tony Joe White was one of the world’s finest painters. Okay, maybe not in the traditional sense, but the images he conjured with his lyrics have the originality and depth of anything hanging in the Louvre—albeit free of pretension and probably wearing alligator boots. In a few short brush strokes, listeners get a basic understanding of what he’s trying to say, but it’s not until the entire song is revealed that the intricacies of White’s songwriting and delivery garner the attention they deserve.

Listen Now: A Lost Song from Tony Joe White

Lucki Shares ‘Almost Woke,’ a 2-Pack Single Comprised of “No Joke” and “LifestyleBrazy”

Chicago native Lucki is a master of immersion, drawing listeners into his world with his hypnotic flow and exquisite taste in instrumentals. Delivering a double dose of heat, Lucki shares Almost Woke, a new 2-pack single. The first single in the pack is “LifestyleBrazy,” an expansive and atmospheric banger that sends a message directed towards the haters and wannabes. Produced by Brent Rambo, “LifestyleBrazy” has an instrumental that combines the ethereal melodies of a JRPG soundtrack with rattling hi-hats and active 808s. Lucki delivers his rhymes in an entrancing sing-song, taunting those who couldn’t dream of reaching his level of luxury: “I don’t really think they hear you, gotta put your soul in it,” stresses the 24-year-old rapper.

Emily Rodgers Shares “Down” Video, New LP ‘I Will Be Gone’ Out Today Via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings

Emily Rodgers shares her LP I Will Be Gone, out now on Kramer’s revived label, Shimmy-Disc and Joyful Noise Recordings. The music video for “Down” is also out today, which Scene Point Blank dubbed “striking” and praised how it “does compliment the song exceedingly well.”

M.A.G.S. Releases Indie Dream-Pop Banger “Choked Out”

Fans of M.A.G.S. no longer have to wait – the indie artist has dropped “Choked Out” ahead of his forthcoming sophomore release, Say Things That Matter. Available on all DSPs today, “Choked Out” is a retro dream pop track with euphoric highs and angsty lows that weave through moments of choice. Its symbolic lyrics with laid-back vocals subtly stress that you can’t have self-reflection without brutal honesty.

DREAM OCEAN Release Electrifying Music Video for New Single “The Great Silence”

“We’re happy to release our first single ‘The Great Silence’ which, like the rest of the upcoming album, is not a silent song at all. ‘The Great Silence’ is one of the latest songs that we created for our next album “ The Missing Stone” and our bass guitarist Sebastian wrote this song within a few hours. I was instantly inspired by the powerful composition that he created so I immediately wrote the vocal lines and the lyrics and we finished the song in a day.”


“Three 6 Mafia was my first real rap show. Atlanta at the Atrium in 1997. I was 16 and I went by myself, and I was the only white boy in sight. Not many white boys went to real core hood shows back in the day but I fucking did. And I mobbed in the pit and became a lifelong fan. I was raised on DJ Paul’s music. I saw the gnarliest shit you could imagine in the parking lots of chitlin circuit, southern clubs all over the south. from shoot outs, fights, to stabbings. but Three 6 Mafia gave me the juice to hang. To me it was survival music and it made me fearless when I needed it for real. DJ Paul made music that spoke to my heavy metal side. The energy I got from Metallica and Slayer was the exact same. And that is Paul’s genius. And I don’t say that about artist. But no one ever in hip hop history has done what he has done and fucking continues to do. He was the first of so many fucking styles that are used and recycled today that the entire game should pay taxes to Paul every time they touch a beat machine.