Izzie’s Caravan New Video For ‘Blow The Lid’

Izzie’s Caravan taps into the soul of classic rock’s bluesy roots on the rollicking rhythms of “Blow The Lid”. With an undue degree of swagger, the song deserves to be played as loud as is possible. The physicality of the track absolutely stuns for there is a chaotic energy to it. Starting and stopping on a dime their chops prove to be truly masterful for the group interplay is outright fantastic. Full of a never-ending amount of fury they hold nothing back refusing to go quietly into that good night.

Atmospherics start the track up, which neatly set the mood. Then, out of nowhere, the song explodes in a brilliant fire. Everybody in the band is playing their hearts out, from the ramshackle hits of the drums that pummel the listener into submission, always having their own unique take on the tempo. Vocals add to the mix swimming through so many waves of outright distortion and disorientation. By refusing to ever let up they create something that is truly engrossing. Easily the very heart and soul of the piece comes from the impeccable guitar work. Here they do it all – they pull back when necessary, they shred the song apart, and they let those sounds solo right up into the very sky in a force of nature sort of way.

“Blow The Lid” shows off the timeless muscular spirit of Izzie’s Caravan in delivering the real good, proving how good and communal rock n’roll should be.