New Video By Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest “My Friend Hip Hop”

Los Musick and P.A.T. came up in Port Arthur, Texas and Opelousas, Louisiana respectively, but “My Friend Hip Hop” sounds like they grew up down the block from each other. Their almost-too-easy back-and-forth and complementary flows are the product of true students of Hip Hop, disciples of the Golden Age. They collaborated on the two-part album Inside The People last year, completing it from across state lines in just two weeks. Reminiscent of iconic duos like Port Arthur’s own UGK or Outkast, the two challenge and reward listeners equally with every verse. Their conscious, observational poetry is straight from the soul, a mix of street-level grit and chart-worthy hooks. “My Friend Hip Hop” is a brilliant introduction to an outfit making some serious movies in the underground.

The opening track on Inside The People makes a very strong case for “instant classic” status. If you want to go back in time to when verses were packed with verbal gymnastics and mind-blowing bars, your ride is here. The chorus, “Hip Hop is my friend, picks me up when I am down,” is pure positivity — a simple, honest shout-out to the art form that has been a ride-or-die friend to millions. Los Musick provides the sonic backdrop, bass beats, synth loops and all. It’s a dense patchwork that steps nimbly all the same, all riding on that killer bass groove and old-school drums. P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest’s style is perfect, two lyrical masters joining forces, each bringing their very own persona and flow, clearly honed over decades. If Hip Hop is the force that brought these two together over hundreds of miles to create a track like this, then Hip Hop is everyone’s friend.

Director J-Dubb takes the opportunity to embrace and celebrate more than just Hip Hop culture in the clip for “My Friend Hip Hop.” He shoots Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest on the streets of Beaumont, TX — the back alleys that Los Musick grew up in. But the video weaves in the international dance crew UMANG_dancers, and a group of skaters perfecting their tricks. All are welcome in Los Musick and P.A.T.’s world, and true artists recognize other artists, no matter the medium. The video’s quiet sunny afternoon is broken up with protest footage from yesteryear and earlier this year. More community, more positivity from an artist who clearly understands the power of both.