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R Zak releases breathtaking album ‘Dialects’

Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter R Zak is to release her new album, Dialectics on 7th May, an extraordinary and hypnotic collection of tracks which bounce from electro-indie to classical to jazz to avant-garde sound collages without scarcely taking a breath.

Rising R&B Singer-Songwriter MIYA GUGGS Scores Her First TOP 30 Billboard R&B Single

MIYA GUGGS nabs her first TOP 30 Billboard R&B Single as “Situationships” lands at #29 this week on the Billboard R&B charts. “I am beyond thrilled to see the response that everyone is giving my song. Me at #29, is insane and I could not be more thankful to all of the magazines, blogs, DJ’s, radio stations and everyone that has downloaded or streamed the song. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart,” shares Miya.

Franky Nuts and Axel Boy Bring the Noise on Bombastic Dubstep Collab “Louder” for Gud Vibrations – April 9

The Bristol-based Axel Boy and Dutch phenom Franky Nuts have been causing quite the commotion with each of their respective projects over the years. In that time, they close friends have been quietly working on music together waiting for the right ideas to strike. In comes their latest record, “Louder,” a bombastic dubstep number that takes cues from the golden era of dubstep while creating something that sits neatly within a modern day context.

Hudu Akil’s Zac Crye Streams “All The Same” EP

“This ain’t no obsession, this is possession of my soul.” A blatant warning from the track “Possession,” off of Zac Crye’s debut, 2013 ep, “Three Finger Lid”.

Now Zac is back, dropping his sophomore release on Bandcamp April 9th, and on all other major platforms April 16th – a five track stoner rock EP with psychedelic elements to accent. Solely composed and recorded by Zac, this recording is a full demonstration of his musical fortitude and songwriting prowess that takes you deep within the realm of Zac Crye!

Upper Michigan Artist Releases New Anti-Establishment Rap Track Independently

Machine is an anti-establishment, minimum wage worker anthem by 19 year old Isaac “IV Reed” Vukusich from Ontonagon, Michigan. The track was released on April 9th, 2021 with hopes to spark a greater appreciation for music from his area.

Towering The Void – new video out now

A 5K cinematic stream of consciousness, Towering The Void is based on 2 poems that also serve as lyrics.

One by zen master Tessho who, according to tradition, wrote a poem when he was about to die; charged with his spirit, the Masters’ verses served both as a summation of life and as a parting gift to inspire his students.

promo: Bestia Ater (BG) “Anno Bestia Chrysallis” @ Death Metal

Anno Bestia Chrysallis, the first album from the band BESTIA ATER: eight ferocious death metal tracks with a healthy dose of black metal melodies. The lyrics are conceptually linked together, touching on the relationships between humans and demons, both beneficial and detrimental. The project is the work of Kiril Kirilov (vocals and lyrics) and Dinko Dimov (songwriting, musical arrangements, bass, additional vocals). Kiril Kirilov is known for being the founder and main vocalist of Hyperborea (1997-2016) and featuring as a vocalist for the bands Past Redemption and Terravore. The album’s artwork, both the cover and the imposing images of the demonic entities included in CD Edition’s special booklet, are the work of Dinko Dimov, who is also a professional artist.

REAL WORLD New York Rocker ANDRE COMEAU Releases New Single “CLEAN BREAK”

Best known as the “long-haired rocker” from the original season of MTV’s groundbreaking reality show The Real World, Andre enjoyed a decade of success with indie Rock band Reigndance (heavily featured in the original MTV series), before relocating to Los Angeles and launching a series of his own projects. The latest, his current eponymous Rock incarnation, released their debut EP in 2020, with a full-length album to follow in 2021. Despite being labelled” the ultimate embodiment of Gen X Slackerdom…” by The New York Times, Comeau has forged a 30+ year career in music, on his own terms.


Nashville’s Alt. Rock chart-topper Zayde Wølf, the musical persona of Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Dustin Burnett has released a beast of a single “Holy Water,” one of his most powerful songs to date, a bold statement being that his music has yielded over 400 Million streams and has served as the motivational soundtrack for millions of fans, who have found the strength and inspiration to overcome life’s toughest challenges in Wølf’s music. I get all these emails,” Burnett told Billboard, “with all these stories about how the music has moved people in some way. I wanted to continue to make music for people to be inspired by.”

For Skope: Pushing Daizies release motivating future bass anthem “On My Own” [out now on Dim Mak]

Pushing Daizies are back at it again with a brand new future bass single titled “On My Own” just weeks after releasing their last track “Our Love.” Staying true to their emotive and yet dark style, this mysterious duo weaves wistful lyrics with upbeat instrumentals for a thoughtful seventh production this year. Since their debut in early 2021, Pushing Daizies have revealed more about their identity through their music than anything else – an enigmatic pair of talented producers who are capable of melodic and yet hard-hitting tracks. “On My Own” plants yet another seed in the mystery that is this duo, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Carl Ray’s New Single “I Can See Clearly Now” Available Now With Exclusive Premiere By Nashville.com

Country music singer/songwriter Carl Ray’s latest single, “I Can See Clearly Now” serves as a breath of fresh air and hope while remaining true to the classic masterpiece originally sung by his mentor, Johnny Nash. During their friendship, Nash and Ray agreed that they would one day record a record together. Turning back the hands of time to fulfill this promise, Ray found the inspiration to pay homage to his musical hero after Nash’s passing in 2020 while witnessing the hardships the world has faced over the last year. Ray’s upbeat version of this classic is a true sensation that delicately weaves new life into the storyline. The tune is laced with his tenor appeal which has been often compared to Nash. Ray’s rendition of “I Can See Clearly Now” single will surely become a household favorite once again, having us all singing, dancing, and looking past obstacles to dream a brand new dream for our world.

Nashville.com PREMIERE : Carl Ray Covers His Mentor’s Classic Hit

Kansas Hardcore Collective REVISIONIST Reveals Video for “Half Moon”

Kansas hardcore act REVISIONIST has revealed a video for “Half Moon,” the latest single from the quartet’s upcoming six-song EP, The Emptiness of Gravity.

“We wrote this almost entirely in the studio and it just came together,” says vocalist Eric Martin. “It is definitely the most unique song on the EP, I think it’s going to catch people off guard in a good way.”

REVISIONIST Drops Ferocious Hardcore Hit “Half Moon”

New Orleans art-pop/electronic duo People Museum share ‘I Could Only See Night’ EP with The Big Takeover

People Museum is an art-pop, electronic band started by Jeremy Phipps and Claire Givens in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, LA in 2016. Inspired by afro-beat, hip-hop, choral, and marching band music, People Museum has formed a sound that could only come from the eclectic corners of Louisiana. Created with the intention of bringing nature to the future, People Museum combines the brass-filled past with the synthesizer heavy, progressive underground of New Orleans. Today they share their new EP, ‘I Could Only See Night’. They break down every track on the EP over at The Big Takeover. You can listen here.

Naomi Cowan Releases “Energy” | Featured in NYT, Essence, LA Weekly and more

Produced by Izy Beats (Koffee “Toast”, Jorja Smith & Burna Boy “Be Honest”) the upbeat r&b and reggae laced track serves as a cautionary yet charming mantra of protecting your peace and keeping your vibrations, aura and confidence high no matter what. The equally yoked video, directed by Kia Moses, takes the lyric “can’t nobody dim my light” to a new level, with a light show like you’ve never seen before.

Electro-Pop Artist EMPRESS Releases “The Vixen Collection” – Out April 9th

Throughout Women’s History Month, we recognized and honored strong females. In keeping with this theme, San-Francisco based singer-songwriter EMPRESS announces her inspiring The Vixen Collection, set to be released on April 9th. Shannon Rugani, musically known as EMPRESS has carefully crafted this concept with the help of German based producer High ‘N’ Rich. This collection of songs was heavily inspired by the growing movement of women who want to feel equal, accepted, respected and supported. The collection includes the original “Vixen” single, “Prelude,” “Remix,” “Extended Remix” and “Workout Remix.” With five distinctive renditions of her power anthem “Vixen”, the artist reminds women that they have a confident vixen within.

Griffin Jennings Announces Debut LP, Shares Lead Single “Long Forgotten Road” Via Under the Radar, ‘Static and the Dark’ Out This Summer

Under the Radar writes: “‘Long Forgotten Road’ is a nostalgic walk through well-tread memories, a gentle recall of old whirlwind nights of romance. Jennings brings to mind the tranquil scenes of early morning, guiding the listener through an intimate reverie of instrumentation. Gentle guitar and feather-light drumming push the song forward while a gorgeous chiming piano line fills the space between Jennings’ lyrics. All the while, the spacious instrumental gives Jennings room to shine, unveiling new memories with each lyric as he reflects on a brief but passionate romance.”

BREEZE new single “White Lily Hands”

After the release of their debut single ‘Slowly Fading Away’ a few months ago, BREEZE return with a new song: ‘White Lily Hands.’ Barcelona duo, formed by Isola and Mestre, are crafting aesthetic and nostalgic songs with a cinematic flair bringing together poetic lyrics, dreamy soundscapes, and sharp production.

Iconic Songwriter DIANE ARKENSTONE Shares Gorgeously Impressionistic Video for New Single ‘SAFE IN THE ANGEL’S WING”

Diane Arkenstone, for over 20 years a pioneering musical force in a variety of genres, continues on her immensely creative path in 2021 with the release of a new instrumental single, the quietly sublime “Safe In The Angel’s Wing.” Inspired by the peace that she felt as she endured a string of surgeries caused by a life-threatening heart ailment, the ambient track has a remarkable aura about it from the first note that floats and transforms with her uplifting vocalizations. It’s a transcendent meditative work created by an artist who has spent the better part of three decades creating soulfully heartfelt instrumental recordings. The gorgeously impressionistic accompanying video was created by Haley Monson—her second collaboration with Arkenstone. The song will be released digitally on April 9 and included on a forthcoming full-length album, The Healing Heart.

MEPHITIC GRAVE: Hungarian Death Bringers To Release Into The Atrium Of Inhuman Morbidity Debut May 7th Via Carbonized Records

Hungarian death bringers MEPHITIC GRAVE will unleash their Into The Atrium Of Inhuman Morbidity debut via Carbonized Records this May.

Made of jagged riffs and grisly vocal incantations, MEPHITIC GRAVE’s sonic venom — influenced by Abhorrence, Funebre, and Autopsy among others — runs deep discharging eight maniacally putrid odes of lo-fi grimness. Tipping their scythes to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the band’s visual and lyrical concepts revolve around the philosophy of cosmicism which denies the presence of a god or any such ideas of divinity and upholds that humans are insignificant in the face of an incomprehensibly large cosmos.

Hulvey Drops Long-Awaited Debut Album Christopher & Official Music Video For “Can’t Tell It All”

Dubbed as Lecrae’s protege, the latest Reach Records signee, hip hop artist Hulvey, has released his long-awaited debut album Christopher. In support of the global release, Hulvey opened up to This Is Me TV for his personal documentary Where Do I Belong?, which released earlier this week, the multifaceted artist has also dropped the official music video for his new single “Can’t Tell It All.”

For Skope: Tim van Werd returns with dark progressive “Who You Are”

Houston indie band “levels-up” on animated video for “Blindsided”

The Houston rock-band Getters face angry gorillas, laser-shooting babies, apple-tossing dragons, and a series of psychedelic challenges in the band’s animated video for “Blindsided,” their new single out everywhere today. Combining the nostalgia of 80s-era videos games with the surreal animation style of Rocko’s Modern Life, the Studio Goblin-produced video captures Getters’ irreverent style and their focus on creativity in the face of uncertain times. “Blindsided” was featured in Loudwire’s “Weekly Wire” playlist today, as well as in the Houston Press, who said, “Getters create the kind of music that’s both pleasant in the background and worthy of a thorough listen in a dark room.” “Blindsided” will be featured on the band’s debut EP ‘We Are Getters,’ out June 24th. Stream and pre-save ‘We Are Getters’ here and pre-order the EP here.”

RACQUEL JONES’ Empowering IgnoRANT out April 23rd – Video for “Queen” out TODAY!

“I’m Racquel Jones. I create music that’s conceptual, but not too esoteric, intelligent but dope, relatable yet deep, revolutionary and soulful, thoughtful in its words, learned in its language, but totally accessible. That’s me and I’m baring my soul for the world to see and hear,” says the incendiary and outspoken rapper/model/painter. It’s a declarative statement that signifies the emergence of a fresh voice and a semi-new talent (Racquel is also a vocalist for the arena-sized electro-rock group Thievery Corporation). But this month, Racquel Jones is heralding the release of her dynamic and heart-stopping new album IgnoRANT which comes out April 23, 2021 via Magnetic Moon Records and features phenomenal album art painted by Jones herself.

The Gama Sennin Releases Electrifying Self-Titled Album

Psych-rock collective The Gama Sennin has released their transcendent self-titled album illuminating a hypnotic journey of self-discovery. The compilation of tracks fuses alternative energy and spaced-out, desert grooves. The group’s sound screams of magic, mystery, and magnificently realized ambition. The Gama Sennin is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

OUT TODAY: Jus Goodie Releases New Single “Better Left Unsaid”

Reflecting back on the new song, JUS GOODIE’s comments, “It is a song about the importance of being tenacious, and showing that actions speak much louder than words. The title “Better Left Unsaid” delivers the overall message of this song in three short words, while encouraging the idea that some things are simply “Better Left Unsaid.”” The new song is a fusion of vibrant reggae sounds mixed in with a little Jazz for a laid back flavor. Packed with pointed lyricism that inspires reservation over exaggeration Jus Goodie sings Don’t tell me bout how great you are and what you can do if what you say is true just show me the proof // Even when you don’t wanna // just put a smile on your face…

Piper Street Sound Announces New EP “Black Eyed Peace” with Andy Bassford

Atlanta based producer Matt Mansfield aka Piper Street Sound had created a collaborative EP of instrumental Reggae music with legendary Reggae guitarist Andy Bassford (Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Culture, Roots Radics). Black Eyed Peace follows 2020’s Small Plate / Rid Them EP but puts a focus on guitar melodies masterfully executed by Maestro Bassford. The songs still bear Piper Street’s customary horn heavy and dub infused style but move into some new territory; elements of Rocksteady abound, major keys now bounce alongside their minor key brethren, Yaya Brown’s akete drumming prods and propels the rhythms carved by the ultra-tight drumming of Brian Daggett and the bass of Mansfield, Chris Case’s keyboard mastery blazes alongside the horns of Will Scruggs, Jonathan Lloyd and Dashill Smith.

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Piper Street Sound “Black Eyed Peace”, feat. Andy Bassford

OUT NOW: Retro-pop visual “Black Coffee” from young starlet AVIV

With remarkable and multifaceted talent at such a young age, AVIV is quickly becoming the next lo-fi pop darling as she releases her sixth single and video “Black Coffee” today. The single sounds like a vintage-pop dreamscape with a simple and charming modern-meets-retro visual to further display the teenager’s light energy as she dances through cool tones in the street and in her bedroom. The 15-year-old has quickly amassed over 40,000 fans around the world, feeling a kinship to the singer through her songs that are packed with honest and personal lyrics.

OUT TODAY: glimmers shares fourth chapter in story of EP ‘Worlds Apart’ with new single “By The Lips”

On the new single and new chapter in their series of cinematic videos the band shares, “‘By The Lips’ is our fourth episode of this story. At this point, our couple has reunited for the first time since their breakup. The song is about those intense feelings you feel for somebody, especially right after the relationship has ended. As the song builds, the couple becomes more intimate, but there’s still some uncertainty of whether it’ll work out.”

LES CHANTS DU HASARD: Livre Troisième From Blackened Orchestral Opera Project Out Now And Streaming

Livre Troisième, the stirring new full-length from French orchestral/operatic blackened gothic project, LES CHANTS DU HASARD, is out today!

At once romantic, tragic, tortured, and triumphant, the eight-movement, avant garde masterwork seamlessly melds neoclassical bombast, gothic opera, and a blackened metal spirit to manifest a sophisticated sonic grandiosity of extraordinary proportions.

Latin Popstar Anna Chase Releases Acoustic Performance Video For Her Song “Color” Today, 4/9 Via Loki Artist Group

Singer, songwriter and model Anna Chase today announced the release of her acoustic performance video for “Color”, which was originally released on February 17th via Loki Artist Group and Tiny Island Productions

“Color (Acústica – Sesión en vivo / Acoustic – Live Session)” Video Link:

YN Jay, aka the “Coochie Man,” smiles from ear-to-ear in “Yeessiirrrr” video

Charisma and originality seems to be the name of the game these days, and nobody checks both of those boxes quite like Michigan rapper YN Jay, aka the “Coochie Man.” With an effortless ability to craft viral songs, today he returns with his latest video-single, titled “Yeessiirrrr.” On this new cut, Jay delivers an energetic flow, flexing more of his off-kilter bars and standout ad-libs that have earned him an impressive following in the midwest and beyond. The video, directed by NTRO4K Films, features Jay and his squad posted up in front of a beamer, all while he smiles ear-to-ear showing off his villainous, yet at the same time endearing, grin.