Red Moon shares stunning, otherworldly video ‘Emotional’

Today, Norway’s rising artist ‘Red Moon’ (Joanna-Deborah Bussinger) shares the captivating video for her stunning new single ‘Emotional’. This intoxicating release is an elegant, otherworldly offering that shines a light into the depth of feeling, and the power it can hold in the moment.

Fiercely in touch and in tune with her emotions, Red Moon’s music and songwriting is driven straight from her heart. “We are not creating algorithms; we are creating waves and real emotions which we transform into sounds and lyrics. Music to me is a reflection of emotion” She explained. The video, which stars Red Moon herself, is a deeper dive into the fascinating world of her incredible artistry.

Sharing this release in the hope it may bring solace and comfort to listeners who can relate, Joanna shares “This song is a confrontation between yourself and someone who throws you off balance; like when things escalate in a fight or when it seems like there is no way out of a specific moment. In hindsight, you know things could have been handled differently.

I’m still looking to find that “balance” of finding a safe place for communicating in the midst of a fight. Because in the heat of the moment our emotions cause us to misunderstand each other and ruin what we wanted to accomplish through our fight. It’s accepting what I am feeling and still know it always takes two to want to solve a conflict.”