We’ve Got Our Eyes On Eye’z Single ‘Go For It’

Eye’z is the up and coming singing sensation soaring to new heights with her latest single ‘Go For It’. The San Fransisco based star is making waves worldwide with her vibrant vocals and ever-evolving online presence. This latest single comes off the back of Eye’z recent release ‘Lovely’ — a completely catchy tune showcasing the captivating character of Eye’z tone. Seriously, I’ve been humming that hook under my mask for days. But what else could we expect from such an exuberant artist? Having already won a ‘Gran Royale Music Award’ award for best up and coming artist, it’s evident Eye’z is on track for an exciting year with the release of the tantalising track ‘Go For It’.

‘Go For It’ is kicking off Spring right with the atmospheric, moody tones of Eye’z musical magic. This track truly showcases the stunning style of singing that inaugurates Eye’z as such an exciting act this year. Fusing the fundamentals of blues, pop and a sprinkle of RnB for good measure, ‘Go For It’ highlights the formidable force of a female artist in her prime. ‘Go For It’ boasts a beautifully built sonic landscape, rich with piano notions and driving drums. The delicate mix of acoustic and electronic tones is seamlessly blended, providing a fluid and totally funky backing for Eye’z powerful vocal performance to sail over. The moody, blues-fuelled backing exudes a true flair and funk, all whilst Eye’z flexes her vibrant vocal acrobatics. Eye’z has crafted a hypnotic hook that’ll offer up a wave of empowerment after the first listen. Utilising her powerful performance prowess, Eye’z praises the importance of just shooting your shot and embracing the moment. Having been in the dating game for a hot minute now, I’m a fan of this message. The consuming confidence of this track is infectious; without a doubt, this track will be piloting my summer playlists. With more to come from the rising star, it’s clear we should all have our eyes on Eye’z this year.

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By Sasha Lauryn