5 Unique Gold Chain Styles to add to Your Collection

A chain is not just a chain. Chains are right at the beating heart of hip-hop fashion, and there are countless variations out there. Each of them has its own history within hip-hop, and each of them can provide a different texture to your overall style.

As far as we’re concerned, the more chains the better. Add these five gold chains to your collection, and give yourself the flexibility to uniquely flex your style.

  • The Cuban Link

The Cuban link first gained popularity back in 1970s Miami, but this iconic and chunky chain has since made its way to every major hip-hop enclave. Cuban links are such dominant and distinctive designs that they tend to work better in smaller stacks.

Place two Cuban link chains together, or match a single Cuban link with a couple of smaller chains of a contrasting metal or color. Here you can find a great variety of Cuban link chains. Cuban links work well as a centerpiece for an outfit, and that means that it’s especially important to consider what clothes you pair it with. Muted colors can really make the chain pop.

  • The Franco Chain

Franco chains are very similar to Cuban links in terms of design, but you should be able to tell them apart with little more than a glance. Franco chains are great showcase pieces, but they’re also some of the most convenient chains to incorporate into a stack. Franco chains improve on the conventional Cuban style by adding four extra sides.

It’s a formula that creates some of the sturdiest chains around and also some of the most rigid. Franco chains rarely tangle even when combined with a variety of different chains — and they’re strong enough to hold a large pendant easily.

  • The Figaro Chain

A chain like a Cuban link or a Franco paired with a medallion can stand apart on their own very well. But the trend right now is towards stacked chains. The figaro chain won’t impress quite as well by itself, but its unique structure makes it the perfect accent piece for a stack.

The figaro chain alternates sets of circular links with an oval link, and the result is jewelry that’s a great change of pace from more traditional designs. And if you want a more subdued look, a figaro chain can stand on its own without a pendant as part of a more muted street look.

  • The Curb Chain

The curb chain is similar enough to the Cuban link to fulfill a similar role in a necklace stack. But while the shape of the links on these chains are essentially the same as Cuban links, they’re more spaced out along the length of the necklace.

That extra space makes curb chains stand apart more distinctly than Cuban links, and that also makes them a prime candidate for ice. You can always start with a standard curb chain and then deck it out with diamonds once you know you like the look of it.

  • The Rope Chain

The rope chain is also known as the dookie chain. And for hip-hop heads of a certain age, it’s going to put off nostalgic vibes for acts like Run DMC. Back in the day, a dookie chain was seen as a rite of passage, in no small part because you could end up dropping a few grand on your first.

The rope chain may not be as hallowed as it was back in the day, but it continues to be a constant presence in hip-hop culture. The rope chain can be practically combined with any other chains, but it’s also a durable enough choice to hold a pendant or medallion.

There are a few chains that everyone should have in their collection, but the sky’s the limit on how you want to build out your necklaces. But starting with these five types of gold chains will ensure you’ve got the fundamentals in place from the start.