Skylar Gaertner

Who is Skylar Gaertner?

In today’s rising competitive era of Hollywood, only some people get the chance to stand out and make a place for themselves. Many people start their journey on achieving what they desire at a very young age and still are thriving to success. Today we will look at the life of this famous child actor, Skylar Gaertner.

Only sixteen years old yet marvelous at what he does, the child actor Skylar Gaertner has made himself stand out amongst all. His dedication truly paid off as he got his breakthrough role as Johan Byrde on the popular TV show named Ozark.

What is he famous for?

Skylar Gaertner is successful for being famous at his early age. This kid actor is only 16 years old and can be seen in some of the most popular films and Tv series. He is famous for his incredible performance in movies and TV series such as Ozar, where he was cast as Johan Bydre, The ticket, where he was cast as Johan, Daredevil, where he was cast as Young Matt, and I Smile back, where he was cast as Eli Brook.

Awards and Nominations

Sadly, this popular actor has not won any awards yet. But he has been nominated for various prestigious awards. In the year 2016, he was nominated for the Young Entertainer Awards under Best Supporting Young Actor. He was nominated for his performance in the movie named I Smile Back. Later in 2019 and 2021, Skylar Gaertner was nominated for the Guild Awards for his incredible performance in the TV series Ozark. He shared these awards with various popular actors such as Jason Bateman, Lisa Emery, Julia Garner, Darren Goldstein, and many more.

Physical Stats

Skylar Gaertner is a very pleasant and charming actor. Unfortunately, there are not any facts and information about him on any internet sites. Maybe he loves to be as private as possible. The total height of this famous Ozark Star is 5 feet and four inches. The total weight of his body is 48 kg. His body is slim, which completely suits him. The distinctive features of Skylar Gaertner include elegant height, charming smile, and beautiful hair. Besides Acting, Skylar Gaertner loves to play football. He has beautiful hair, which is golden brown in color. And the color of his eye is hazel. He is very handsome and dignified. He belongs to American nationality and holds an ethnicity of American- Caucasian. The zodiac sign of this Daredevil’s Actor is Libra. Skylar Gaertner’s age is 17 years as of the year 2021.     


Skylar Gaertner was interested in acting from his early age. He used to watch movies and loves to spend his time watching them. Leonardo Dicaprio has played an important role in his career. He loved Leo, and his inspiration for acting came from him. Skylar Gaertner started his career in acting after debuting in the popular TV series named Lipstick Jungle. This was his first professional acting and let me tell you, he has performed brilliant acting in this Tv series. He was caught in the eye of many directors and Producers. After this movie, Dick Wolf cast him in the popular series Law & Order: Special Victim. Skylar Gaertner rose to fame after being cast as Jake in the popular Tv series Nurse Jackie. This TV series established his name in the golden book of acting. Gaertner has appeared in some of the popular movies and TV series such as Team Umizoomi, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lockey & Key, Person of Interest, Every secret thing, DareDevil, Ozark, and many more.

Personal Life

As Skylar Gaertner is just sixteen years old, there is less probability of him involving in any kind of relationship. And he is so private that he has not unfolded the name of his parents and siblings yet.

Net worth

This popular Ozark star has a total net worth of $12 million in March 2021. The source of income is his prominent profession in acting.

Social Media Presence

Skylar Gaertner is on Instagram with 26.5k followers. However, his Instagram account has not been verified yet. He is also on Twitter with more than 2.08k followers.


What is his date of birth?

Skylar Gaertner was e born on October 4, 2004.

What is his net worth?

His total net worth is considered to be $12 million.

What is his relationship status?

Skylar is less likely to be involved in any kind of relationship, as he is just 16 years old.