Tayler Buono Releases Anti-Valentine’s Day Anthem “My Person”

“My Person” is about letting go of the future Tayler romanticized with the person who has been in her life throughout the past decade. In the vulnerable & empowering track, Tayler touches on the hurt she has experienced throughout the tumultuous relationship, singing “I’m so tired of the hurting/I can’t believe I ever thought you were my person.”

Reflecting on her journey with falling in love, experiencing heartache, and finally realizing her self-worth, she sings “I know it’s taken ages but I think I’m finally coming to terms with / the kind of person / I’m deserving so much more”. “I wrote “My Person” while I was going through a breakup with someone who has been in and out of my life over the past 10 years. It’s about letting go of the future I romanticized together and accepting that I deserve better.” Tayler says about the inspiration behind the song. “I was sitting in my LA apartment crying over this guy, heartbroken, and feeling down and stuck in my career. I decided to go back home to lay low and stay with my parents for a bit in Florida. Something shifted in me one day and it felt like I really woke up. I thought, “Why am I sitting here waiting for opportunities to come to me when I should be creating opportunities for myself?”


“My Person” represents a new chapter for Tayler as an independent artist, using the break-up to reevaluate her career and empower herself as a business woman. The music video for the track, out on Valentine’s Day (2/14), shows Tayler experience severe highs and lows while navigating the murky waters of a break-up and figuring out the music industry as an independent artist. “I realize a lot of young people over the past year are moving back home during this time and I just want to encourage people that you don’t have to wait for an opportunity to find you. You can create opportunities for yourself alongside the people you love. I chose to put “My Person” out on Valentine’s Day weekend as a way of loving myself and being the independent loving, businesswoman that I am.”

A note from Tayler on the inspiration behind the music video out 2/14: “I don’t have a label backing me but I knew I wanted to shoot a music video for the song. The 1st lyric of the song is “It’s raining in my bedroom” so I’ve always envisioned a moody wet bedroom. My parents live on a lake so I looked out and thought, “What if I could put a bedroom in the lake and make it look like it’s raining somehow?” And that’s exactly what I did. I shared my vision with some friends (Abbey Cowen, Dawson Cowen, Shannon Gresosky, Maryellen Maddox, Andrew Birkmire, and Ele Clark) who have been there for me through ups and down and they were eager to jump on board to help. We went to Home Depot and built the bedroom walls together. Then I painted the walls and built a rain machine. My parents graciously let me work in their backyard. Even my neighbors came by to help. My friend Shelby George came to do my makeup and her fiancé, Matt Peter came to help as well. (Everybody was covid tested and safe.) It was a really empowering and inspiring experience. My friends Manny Figs and Collective Films (Morgan Wheeler, Summer Rech) came and shot the video and did an amazing job! It was surreal shooting my vision in my childhood backyard with so many people I love. The coolest thing about it all for me was realizing that I don’t need to find my one person. I have so many people who love me and support me. I realize people are craving community and a creative outlet now more than ever. I also realize I’m not alone in this. We’re all in this together. I have an amazing team of people and they’re all my friends who I love deeply and couldn’t imagine life without.”