Singer/Songwriter Raquel Kiaraa Releases debut Single ‘Love To The Moon’

A night out on the town is coming to a close, and with its conclusion Raquel Kiaraa finds herself flooded by an ocean of romantic memories, all of which seem to have led to this precise moment in time. She’s in the arms of her other half, the reason for her being alive by her own admission (as extremely bold for modern times as such a notion undeniably is), and there’s no better feeling she’s ever known in this world. Kiaraa does everything she can to put this sensation into her words and the melody accompanying this visual experience in her music video for “Love to the Moon,” and in my view, she does a terrific job for sure. 


Whether it be a simple dance in the front yard or a casual soda shared down at the malt shop on a lazy summer afternoon, the littlest of moments we experience with those we love the most tend to shape the identity of our relationships, and this is essentially the theme of the music video more than anything else. Though it flirts with 1950s sexual politics more than some might be comfortable with, its retro stylization of this singer’s harmony with the band is as welcome today as it will be one hundred years from now. 


Hype has been building around Raquel Kiaraa since she dropped this debut single and its music video just a few weeks ago towards the end of January, and I’ll say this is a rare occasion on which the subject lives up to the buzz its attracted and then some. From the sleek attack of her lead vocal to the delicate phrasing of her lyrics, there isn’t a spot of substance to this piece that doesn’t ache with charisma and honesty, and in modern pop, that isn’t exactly easy to come by. 

Gwen Waggoner