New Video By Estani “Droughts In The Ocean”

Music centers around sharing: sharing your experiences with your listeners, your abilities with other creatives, and the untouched inner workings of your mind with yourself. Through her music, Estani defies boundaries with her stylistic range from Latin soul to acoustic, jazz, and salsa. As a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach with a specialization in music production, the Los Angeles artist’s adaptable approach boasts her lyrical depth and emotional honesty. During her extensive career, Estani became familiar with the stages at The Montreal Jazz Festival, Staples Center, and The Tonight Show. She was the background singer for international artists Laura Pausini and Joan Sebastian and instructed Jorydn Jones (Stay Famous) and Olivia Cella. She prides herself on her authenticity, penning music of bona fide feeling rather than overly embellished words. When Estani’s music comes on, you’ll instantly resonate with it.

Her newest music video, “Droughts In The Ocean,” is a prime showcase of her musical capabilities. Although the clip is in black-and-white, Estani and the dancers shine in their angelic and flowing dresses. She illustrates the lyrics with her velvet expression and fluid dance routine, and the video cuts to Estani basking in the warm sun and gentle sand at the beach. The most hard-hitting line the singer lays down is, “I’m not who I used to be / but still who I’ve always been.” It is easy to assume what we see on the surface is all a person can offer, but we need to be mindful of the inner struggles and battles people might be facing. She shares the strains of putting up a front when she’s not 100% there mentally and the pressure she faces to say she’s okay. The clip ends with Estani and her dancers sitting at peace with their heads down as the visual morphs into clement waves making their way to shore. They might be dealing with inner turmoil, but with enough emotional space and clarity, the drought in the ocean will be no more.