9 Things You Should Never Deprive Yourself of

Striving toward some greater purpose – whatever that might mean to you as an individual – is part of being human. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise your health and wellbeing to perform well at your work or to take care of your family. The key is in setting your priorities straight and finding the balance between the things that can be sacrificed and those that absolutely cannot. Here are some things you should definitely not deprive yourself of.


Many of us often find ourselves skipping meals either because we’re too busy or because we’re trying to cut down on food. However, skipping meals can actually cause you to gain weight instead of losing it. This can make your blood sugar level decrease and make your brain work slower. Also, it leads to feeling irritable and fatigued, leaving you stressed and hungry. Meal skipping slows down the metabolism, causes weight gain, and makes it more difficult to lose weight. So, the next time you decide on skipping a meal to lose weight, think again.


We often lose sleep to get to work on time or even to catch up with a TV show. We think, Well, an hour or two won’t make a difference. But if that hour or two happens every night, then the difference between being focused and groggy can be significant, and it can have devastating consequences on your health. Also, we often lose sleep because we sacrifice our comfort. Don’t deprive yourself of a quality mattress that provides support and ensures a good night’s rest.


Humans are social beings. We need to be close to other people, talk to them, hug them, and feel loved. Now, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re mostly isolated and finding that human closeness is harder. However, you don’t have to shut yourself out completely. Try to maintain safe contact with a selected few people and use all the technology at your disposal to keep in touch with others.


It’s important to eat healthily. Still, avoiding food you used to enjoy can make you sad and stressed. There is nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence, so stop holding yourself to an impossible standard. Also, if you crave unhealthy food often, you might want to swap it for healthier options (e.g., whole-wheat pasta instead of a regular one).

Treating Yourself

Food is not the only thing that can serve as a treat. So can new clothes, new furniture, or travels. You don’t want to overspend, but you shouldn’t hold on to every coin if you feel you need or want something. Money isn’t the most important thing, and if you can use it to gain something that will improve your life, go ahead.


Understandably, you don’t always have enough time to take a warm bath, exfoliate, or even put on moisturizer. But these things are important, and not only because of your looks but also because of how you feel. Dedicating time to take care of your health and appearance is always the right decision for your future.

Alone Time

Speaking of dedicating time to yourself, you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to escape or be alone for a while. Getting some me-time can be therapeutic. This time can include reading a book, watching a movie or TV show, listening to music, or whatever you enjoy doing.

Your Dreams

Contrary to what many people would have you think, chasing your dreams is not childish. If you don’t feel happy at your work or perhaps in your hometown, don’t deprive yourself of the possibility of pursuing something different. Sure, the fear of change may feel crippling, but when you let go and finally start your journey towards what you want, you will see how rewarding it can be.

A hobby

As we grow up, we leave a lot of things behind us. We sacrifice the things we love doing to squeeze in extra work hours or time with our families. Our hobbies are among the first victims of this process. Still, you shouldn’t rush to leave your “extracurricular activity” behind. Having a hobby enriches your life. It helps relieve stress. It gives you interesting stories to share with others. It increases your self-esteem. It reduces boredom. It helps you build new skills. It gives you a new perspective on life. It challenges you constantly, ultimately helping you become a better version of yourself.

Final word

We spend our lives depriving ourselves of sleep, friends, free time, work goals, everything… It may seem like you’re getting something in exchange for that sacrifice, but in the end, it’s not worth it. The things we’ve covered in this post are just the essentials you should hold on to, but you need to know that whatever makes you happy (if it doesn’t jeopardize you or anyone else, of course) is worth doing.