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EARTHGANG Announce Album Name, Appear on The Breakfast Club!

Atlanta duo, EARTHGANG, have been riding high since the release of their new single “Options” featuring Wale. The single is currently climbing up the Urban and Rhythmic radio charts (currently at #36 at both places) and to celebrate they joined The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne and DJ Envy earlier this morning. On the show, Olu and WowGr8 discussed the formation of EARTHGANG, meeting and signing with J.Cole, the controversial comparison to Outkast and collectivity of Atlanta. The pair rounded out their interview by announcing the name of their upcoming project, Ghetto Gods. Check out the full interview above or via:

Madame Mayhem Releases New Single “Cruel Heart” + Offiical Music Video

MADAME MAYHEM released her new single “Cruel Heart” to all digital platforms! The single was co-written by Madame Mayhem and Keith Wallen (of Breaking Benjamin).

“This was one of the first songs Keith Wallen and I wrote together. I always have such a great experience co-writing with Keith. I remember listening to this demo on my way home after we finished writing and just getting so excited to share it. I have been patiently waiting for the right moment to release this single and I think now is as good a time as any! This song is near and dear to my heart and I am excited for the world to hear it!” says Madame Mayhem.

Heather Porcaro shares first full-length genre bending album, ‘The Heartstring Symphony’

Heather Porcaro’s first full-length album compiles a decade’s worth of the artist’s most personal work-to-date, remixed and remastered in a timely release for the modern listener. The Heartstring Symphony dives headfirst into an exploration of purpose and place amidst the chaos, uncertainty, and doubt. Each track on the 2021 release emerged from moments of upheaval that begged the artist to weigh the heavy notions of human connection, loss, and societal duty — a time capsule of themes taking charge of its own present unearthing.

Adelaide’s SEABASS unleash indie rock greatness with debut EP, Always Kidding

The debut EP from Adelaide’s SEABASS is finally here, the culmination of five years of songwriting for Annie Siegmann comes to life bolstered by an A-Team of musicians on Always Kidding.

Since the band’s inception in 2019, SEABASS have been developing a sound that speaks to their own influences as well as an overall group dynamic and across seven tracks, we get to know them that much better.

“Otherworldly Spiraling Melodies”- Beams Latest Track Is Gorgeous!

Toronto based psych folk band, Beams is set to release their upcoming album, ‘Ego Death’ on March 26th. The album works as a narrative cycle chronicling songwriter, Anna Mernieks-Duffield’s challenges with mental health and her journey towards self-acceptance.


“‘Leave Some Day” (produced by Real Red) means coming to reality and accepting and understanding that we unfortunately all have to leave here at some point,” says Kevo. “It’s not just another pain record, it’s a story about people out there who may think that life is always great and that they’ll be here forever. But that’s far from the truth- we all must prepare ourselves to ‘Leave Some Day.'”

Patriarchy Shares “Grind Your Bones” Front Line Assembly Video

Today, Patriarchy shares the music video for “Grind Your Bones” remix by Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly. Vinyl pre-orders for Reverse Circumcision are available now.

Patriarchy’s Reverse Circumcision REMIX LP is out on Dero Arcade. Featured remixers on the project include Nitzer Ebb, ADULT, Light Asylum, Front Line Assembly + more. All of the remixed songs come from the first Patriarchy album, Asking For It, released in November of 2019.

The Design Abstract Observe A Synthetic Assault w/ Lyric Video “Parallel Projection”

Unleashing their melodic death sci-fi escapade “Technotheism” on Jan 29th, Ontario, Canada’s The Design Abstract are sharing with fans their latest lyric video for the track “Parallel Projection” in support of the full-length. The song is choppy electronic arpeggio punches along with the kick drum in perfect time, creating a more synthetic sound than most of the songs before it on the record. It features a very traditional song structure and some of the catchiest guitar parts you will on “Technotheism”.

Hard Hitting band Horsemeat release new single ‘Jibba Jabba’ Out Now!

Jibber Jabber is the new single from Altrincham trio, Horsemeat. Recorded at 6db Studios by “the Steve Albini of Salford”, Simon “Ding” Archer, Jibber Jabber is a fuzzed up dirge that depicts the suburban sprawl and modern cookie cutter living. Where close proximity forces unwanted interactions, claustrophobia, and nihilistic thoughts. Jibber Jabber crawls out of the mire left by the band’s previous track, Opulence, with a swagger that’s dripping in sludge and repressed anger.

Jeffrey Silverstein shares first song from new album at Talkhouse

“River Running By,’ was inspired by the concept of ‘blue mind,’ the meditative state we fall into when near, in or under water. I wrote it during my summer break from teaching, spending the majority of my days sitting in solitude along the Washougal, Lewis, and Columbia here in the Pacific Northwest. I had nowhere to be, nothing to do, so I just sat. Despite the world around me feeling “paused,” I found immense comfort in the steady movement and momentum of the water.” – Jeffrey Silverstein

Steven Vagovics – Ed Sheeran style acoustic single Song for You – ‘Song for You’

All the way from Slovakia, a pop rock artist Steven Vagovics released his third solo album called Bliss in 2019, which includes Song for You, a simple acoustic ballad inspired by Ed Sheeran.

Artist: Majin – Track: My F-150

Joseph Esposito aka Majin is from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He was raised by Italian immigrant parents who had a passion for traditional folk songs and the compositions of Ennio Morricone. Hearing his father whistle film scores of popular westerns planted the seed of melody into his mind. From this point he began writing screenplays, poetry, children’s short stories, and lyrics.

Joe Mungovan delivers breezy Summer vibe ‘Lemon + Lime’

In his new track ‘Lemon + Lime’, Joe Mungovan once again delivers his trademark breezy Sunday morning vibes. The song was inspired by a girl he met one night after a show in Germany. Joe says “We had a magical time together and I tried to encapsulate the feeling of that night in the sonic elements of the song.”

FENCES Releasing ‘Failure Sculptures’ Deluxe Version On March 5th 2021

Seattle-based FENCES, the alter-ego of musician/songwriter Christopher Mansfield will be releasing the Deluxe version of his 3rd album ‘Failure Sculptures’ on March 5th 2021 via ENCI Records, featuring two bonus tracks. Watch for a BRAND NEW EP to be released this spring.

Fences Shares Exclusive New Acoustic Rendition for “A Mission”

Artist: Nude Model – Track: Heartbeat

Fashionistas, time to disrobe, unapologetically the music of Nude Model is for ALL.

Grinding, dissident, hyper, stripped down, post-everything, made by four Chicago residents. Their sound comes from a deep appreciation of DIY music from 1977-1997. The music of Nude Model was not created in a bedroom, or on a computer, but with the use of electrified instruments.

Turquoise release “Strawberry Daiquiri,” ready Fermented Fruit EP

Lincoln, Nebraska trio Turquoise’s deliver mathy instrumental rock influenced by their midwestern roots. Comprised of Tim Buchholtz (bass), Alex Durrant (Drums), and Matthew Senstock’s (guitar), Turquoise combines jazz, metal, and indie rock for its own brand of noise. Turquoise started writing together while touring with Antlerhead in the summer and fall of 2019, and when the pandemic of 2020 began, their collaboration really took off.

Doohickey CubicleDon’t Fix Anything ;) – Release date: Friday, March 12th 2021

Doohickey Cubicle (formerly Booty EP) are a dream-inducing synth-pop duo that ooze with creativity. Whether it’s their energetic and visually stunning live shows, their self-produced singles or their wealth of DIY music videos, they’re always up to something, and it’s always interesting.

Premiere: Doohickey Cubicle’s Hazey Song “Sign Here” Is a Cheeky & Intoxicating Celebration of Consumerism

Rudy Touzet “Fatal Attraction” Acoustic Video

With catchy lyrics, danceable songs, and a growing fanbase, the 21-year-old Miami-born Cuban/American singer has all of the makings of a pop act to watch. Over the past year, Rudy has released three singles with producers Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay who he met at Charlie Walk’s Music Mastery Studios that have amassed almost one million views and 30K monthly listeners on Spotify with intentions set to evoke pure emotion from his listeners with every release.

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. release first single from upcoming studio album, first in thirty years

Music Icons, multiple Grammy Award-winners and multi-platinum selling artists Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. released their new single, Silly Love Songs, Friday, February 12. The new offering is from the couple’s highly anticipated first studio album in three decades, Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons, due this spring.

Japanese rock band BACK-ON’s fan-favorite songs get a glow-up on self-covers album ‘FLIP SOUND’!

Having performed for audiences across Asia, Europe and North and South America, Japanese rock band BACK-ON release ‘FLIP SOUND’ on February 17, an album of self-covers featuring re-recorded versions of their most popular worldwide hits. The collection includes versions of BACK-ON’s theme tunes for globally celebrated franchises such as the ‘Gundam’ anime series and PlayStation Portable game ‘Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2’, making it a truly special must-hear collection for fans.

New Track from Hunter Ellis

Flickering guitar twangs unfold enjoyably into a stirring sound with rhythmic invigoration and hypnotic vocal cues. Many of Ellis’ songs are instrumental, though “Be There Now” features vocals.

Amsterdam-based odd/pop composer – MONOKINO

The video was premiered on the Happy People music blog and they said: “Amorphous and mercurial, its snaking rhythms wind around low-slung latino hooks that refuse to be pinned-down. Atonal chords stretch into wiry solos that burn bright, then disconnect.”


Problem and Wiz Khalifa show love to minority-owned cannabis brands in “4 The Low”

Today, Compton artist Problem teams up with Wiz Khalifa to release an upbeat and encouraging new single “4 The Low.” The Mike Marasco directed visual spotlights independent cannabis brands directly on its ticker and rolling headlines while also showcasing the health and economic benefits of legalization. Produced by Problem himself alongside Grammy-winning producers Mike & Keys and Vangogh, the song turns the profit towards minority owned businesses with soothing beats and a whistling melody.