Returning in a sparkling pop creation via a proven collaboration, we see multi-platinum singer-songwriter, KIIARA, and platinum producer Felix Cartal defy the usual industry standards and allow their creativity to guide them on their latest single. “Happy Hour” is an uplifting tune paired with wry, personal lyrics that will provide the next anthem for 2021, out now via Physical Presents. Who needs romantic perfection when you have radiant happiness and a drink in your hand?

“Happy Hour” is the first release since KIIARA’s debut album, lil kiwi (here), late last year; which featured a collaboration with rapper blackbear, “So Sick,” Entertainment Weekly referred to as “…a bittersweet breakup song that gives the “Gold” singer’s usual blend of electropop and trap a breezy twist. And while blackbear is exactly who you’d want on a track that acts as a playful middle finger to an ex, it takes on a fun new meaning when you realize the two artists briefly dated.”

Kiiara tells us about the collaboration: ​”Felix and I have been meaning to work together on an original song of our own for years. I’ve always been a fan of his work. I remember him sending me a remix of my song “Feels” a few years back and I was blown away. I’m really excited about our new song “Happy Hour. It’s a melodramatic emo anthem (lol that’s both of our specialities)”.