Nashville-based Singer-Songwriter, MEIA, is continuing to push boundaries with her unapologetic lyrics on her latest single, “Date Myself.” Out today, “Date Myself” showcases a combination of MEIA’s confident writing ability, self awareness and the exploration of different dimensions of her sensual yet commanding vocals. MEIA wants to empower women while helping to break the stigma surrounding self love and embracing one’s sexuality; “Date Myself was written to empower women in hopes that they start to care less about society’s standards and just embrace how they feel. I think the world has changed quite a bit and women are now, more than ever expressing their sexuality. Men aren’t the only ones who crave sex. Women have this whole time, just likely felt the need to be “ladylike’ and quiet about it. I think it is definitely still frowned upon for a woman to be as outspoken by some but who cares. That’s why I wrote a song like Date Myself, to inspire and empower women around the world to be unashamed and embrace their sexy self.” she tells Boyfriend Magazine

Co-written by MEIA, “Date Myself” came to life in the most natural way; a studio session filled with talented creators and wine until 3 in the morning. MEIA explains, “I think it’s extremely important to feel sexy and confident yourself before others tell you so. That’s where this idea came from. I really think listeners will be able to feel the same energy in the song that we had in that room.” MEIA has always been versatile in her songwriting, ranging from serious topics such as heartbreak, to lighthearted anthems with an underlying message. She wants this song to reach the ears of all the boss ass females out there listening, while showing them how to be unapologetically themselves and fiercely in touch with their femininity, just like she’s discovered within herself. MEIA continues “Date Myself is a fun play on words! Someone can hear this song and think it’s about self love but others could think it’s about WAP. I wanted this song to empower listeners in more ways than one. To me, this song means to love yourself, with or without anybody else. We live in a world where women are finally beginning to be bold and unafraid to say what they wish to. Date Myself is my version of that.”