20 webinar platforms in 2020

If you want to nurture the lead for a sales funnel through a webinar, this article will help you select the right webinar platform. 

Surely you have experienced the dread of an unstable internet connection during a meeting or call. Some more issues like an audio issue, software bugs, and many more during meetings with a client. 

You have to make sure that the right webinar platform is being selected. There are some popular and the best platforms you can use are:

  • Go to webinar
  • Easy webinar
  • Click meeting 
  • Ever webinar
  • Woho webinar
  • Livestorm.co
  • Webinar ninja
  • Big maker
  • Webinar jam
  • Demio

Few webinar marketing agency of 2020 are – 

  • Cisco Webex events
  • ON 24
  • Adobe connect
  • Go to training by Logmeln
  • Bluejeans event

Some alternative webinar platforms of 2020 are – 

  • Zoom
  • Skype for business 
  • exTalks webinar
  • Join me 
  • Workcast

The popularity of webinar platforms – 

The whole world is busy creating and grabbing opportunities in this busy and exciting time for the industry. Your online presence matters a lot. 

It has become a full-time job for people to connect on LinkedIn and also build a sales funnel and write blog content. 

The research was started out using strict criteria for comparing the top 20 webinar platforms, and it is still in progress.

Check the review of the following. 

  • Business Side
    • Ease of Use – We are living in 2020 if you don’t know how to use a digital tool then you’ll need to check whether it’s worth learning it or not.
    • Functions and Features – The platform focuses on automating the marketing process and provides Q&A resource tabs also the integration provided by the tool.
  • Customer Side
    • Registering Experience – Registering for a webinar needs to have experience with the leads.

    • Attendee Experience – Question arises is that the platform is easy to load on mobiles or pieces.

    • Follow up Experience – They should be properly nurtured through the platform itself after a webinar. 

However, one should keep his feet on the ground and have to understand the differences or perceived drawbacks of some platforms, which might be a blessing for some specific use cases. 

That’s why we tried to do our best to analyze the best use case scenario for the top 20 webinar platforms. 

Reviews on some of the popular webinar platforms

  • Go to the Webinar – It is one of the most popular webinar platforms in the market with a full suite of creator tools. It is also integrated with the biggest and most popular CRM systems, which makes it the perfect tool for the digital approach. It’s reporting features to allow you to track the attendee data. But the pricing options can be very hefty for those who are just starting. 
  • Easy Webinar – It is another popular webinar tool with a suite of different integrations, and it does what every webinar platform should do. One of the best things about it is that it’s easy to cast a system that allows you to stream easily to your webinar through various platforms. 

It can easily share your webinar via Facebook life or any other channel. But the custom branding is only available after paying a high monthly subscription. 


Therefore, we can conclude that webinars are a bliss to the new business world. Through this platform, we can enhance our business more productively. Webinar marketing services are the best for the startups at an initial stage. Not only in the business world but also educational sectors, this is very helpful in conducting online classes, exams, etc. 

Businesses can easily use these platforms to perform, following marketing procedures, also providing Q&A resource tabs, whereas Customers are easily able to attend sessions, solving their issues, and many other things.