UK slot machine limited to 2 pound bets

Throughout its long and winding history the gambling world has had almost constant run ins with the global authorities, as countless governments across the world have ended up locking horns with people like casinos or online gambling developers.

A great example of this is the fact that the world’s first actually legitimate casino only appeared in the 16th century, with all other forms of gambling that came before this technically being illegal. Another great example is the curbing of super casinos by Central European authorities back in the 1800s too. 

Whilst casino gambling is generally tolerated a lot better by governments in the 21st century, this is more because of the money that it brings in through tax and tourism rather than anything else. There are still various reasons why global governments around the world look down on the gambling industry, and often it is for completely understandable reasons – discover the best slots online UK now.

Recently in the UK, for example, the government placed a £2 limit on all physical betting terminals, something that could spell disaster for online casinos. Keep reading for more. 

What is the UK slot machine limited to £2 news? 

It probably slipped under the radar for the vast majority of people living in the UK, however back in 2018 the government decided to pass a piece of legislation that meant the maximum bet people were able to make on fixed betting terminals went down to £2 from a former maximum of £100. The move brought outrage to quite a few avid gamblers, however on the whole it did seem like the best thing to do. 

The piece of government law applied to any solid state betting machines in the country, so places like pubs, bars, bookies, clubs and casinos were affected. Whilst the law was initially aimed solely at solid state betting terminals in reality there have been repeated calls to make it apply to the online casino world too. 

Certain positives to the £2 bet limit 

Whilst the £2 bet limit is pretty annoying for ardent gamblers, there is no denying the fact that it does have quite a few positive consequences. The best thing about it is that it means that gamblers who are prone to spending too much whilst they are betting are curbed by the £2 limit, something that could go a long way in helping people who struggle with gambling addiction. 

And here’s the other thing: a £2 bet limit will naturally mean that gamblers have to be a little more tactical and selective in the way that they bet. Even gamblers that are the most annoyed by the £2 bet limit might find themselves winning more as a result… 

Unfortunate negatives to the £2 bet limit 

Fearless high rollers are without a doubt the biggest losers when it comes to the newly established £2 bet limit, as they won’t be able to bet in anywhere near the same way as before.