Randy Seedorff Presents “Family Tree”

A big beautiful celebration of the strength of one’s family defines Randy Seedorff’s heartfelt “Family Tree”. The bombast of the piece means it wears the heart on its sleeve, as the vocals have a great degree of compassion that seem to underly the entirety of the message. Everything about the track feels large: from the gargantuan guitar riffs that underpin the whole of the piece to his powerful voice that takes front and center stage. From this one singular impulse an entire world comes into view; his world, one that he is deeply proud of and proud to be a member of.


The song starts up in earnest with a great blast of sound, as the whole of the piece grows and builds up in a way that accurately depicts the way family trees tend to expand. With such care to each detail, from the western twang of the guitars to the sheer reassurance of his voice, it all works to create a spirit of intimacy. Cyclical in nature the song’s dynamic works wonders in creating a sort of introspective quality, one that becomes potent and outright beautiful to behold. His is a message of pride; pride for his family, what it was, what it is, and what it will become. Layered sound further adds to the sense of community that the track encompasses.

“Family Tree” shows off the unique prowess of Randy Seedorff in exploring a strong sense of purpose, one of pure happiness and joy.