5 tips: How to make men chase you

If you want to win a mans heart, you can go for the most direct way of appealing to other singles and use Hookupdaters to find the right man for you. Perhaps the thought of relying on an Internet dating service hasnt occurred to you before now? A matchmaking service will allow you to appeal to a cross-section of male suitors, as long as you keep these five tips in mind.

1. Have a positive attitude

The key to making the most of virtual interaction is to approach this platform with enthusiasm and confidence. These websites allow you to interact with a diverse cross-section of prospective male partners who have all chosen to adopt this method of flirting because they want to form relationships. To give yourself the best chance of contacting someone interesting, ensure your profile gives an immediate sense of your best traits. Dont be tempted to list all your achievements exhaustively – your description shouldnt read like a CV! Instead, summarize the key points. When a single guy is browsing through a list of profiles, youll want to present information that instantly draws him in and makes him curious to find out more.

2. Show your femininity

Whether theyre flirting with other website users in chat rooms, or hanging around in bars or nightclubs, guys will be drawn to individuals who set their pulse racing when they first get introduced. Although it takes time to develop a rapport, theres a lot to be said for first impressions counting. Always keep in mind that single guys are driven by their hormones and will react to the most basic stimuli, thinking with their heads rather than their hearts. So, consider what aspects they are most likely to notice when they first set eyes on you.

Accentuate your attractive features by meticulously-applying makeup. Treat him to a generous display of cleavage (striking the right balance between being suggestive without threatening to spill out of a top this is a little too low cut.) Wear figure-hugging jeans or tight-fitting outfits that exaggerate your natural curves. Males also love females who flaunt their feminine side, so when youre planning a first date always consider dressing to impress. High heels are always guaranteed to provoke a reaction. Wear a suitably alluring perfume – and when his back is turned, be devilish and spray a little on his clothing so that hell be reminded of you long after youve parted company.

3. Stay yourself

There can be a temptation to act up when youre in the early stages of getting to know prospective partners. Lots of single females like to deploy mind games or play it cool, as opposed to seeming overly committed. This could be seen as a defensive ploy, perhaps because someone has hurt them in the past and they are cagey about revealing too much of themselves too soon for fear of rejection. But a more recommended approach would be honesty. Rather than spending your time together trying to live up to an image you think might be most appealing, there would be nothing wrong with letting him see the real you. This might make a refreshing change if he has been used to partners giving off ambiguous messages. If you behave the way you are always going to behave, right from the get-go, then he will have every reason to fall for this person, his opinion unhindered by false impressions.

4. Have a sense of humor

There are few things more off-putting to a guy than a female who doesnt look as if she likes enjoying herself. A sense of humor tends to be unique to a person, but many people share a comedic outlook in terms of the type of humor they prefer, what their favorite comedy movies are, and which stand-up comedians they enjoy listening to. If you both laugh at similar things, then it is guaranteed youll find other aspects of your time together pleasurable. If you can give him the impression you find his jokes funny and appreciate his anecdotes and laugh heartily to demonstrate the extent of this, he will adore you even more.

5. Be consistent

Another big no-no when it comes to keeping a guy interested is being unpredictable or inconsistent. Its all very well having a vibrant personality, and mood swings can sometimes be an indication of passion, but theres a world of difference between this and what could be described as blowing hot and cold. Men are far more likely to get irritated by you if you are constantly reacting in different ways, such as showing displeasure at something you were previously comfortable with. Again, the important thing is not to overthink things. If you just focus on being yourself, guys will come running.