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Global superstar Justin Bieber will ring in the New Year with yet another gift for fans across the world. Today, Bieber announces his new single “Anyone” – co-written and produced by Andrew Watt with a visual directed by Colin Tilley – set for release at 12am EST on January 1, 2021. Fans tuned in to Bieber’s livestreamed New Year’s Eve concert presented by T-Mobile will have the chance to hear “Anyone” performed live for the first time, anywhere.

Artist: Borralheira – Track: Circo De Terror

Borralheira is a Brazilian rock trio with the most diverse influences. From Brazilian folk music, punk rock, and classical rock. Even singing in Portuguese the band believes in the universal language of music. The lyrics are ironic, the speech is straight to the point. Borralheira sings for justice, equality, and especially against the system.

Artist: Kev Gray & The Gravy Train – Track: 2020 Love Song

Kev Gray & The Gravy Train are an alternative pop rock band formed in Tokyo in November 2008, with members from America, Canada, England and Japan. After being chosen as a feature band in the government-sponsored, UK-Japan Year 2008, the group achieved mixed success on the Japanese music scene, after signing to Hemlock Music and twice winning the national music award, Gaijin Sounds.

Artist: Nate Lundy – Track: Wishing

Nate has continued to release 3 songs total available on all music streaming platforms with a new release “Wishing Well” with a new music video. and 2 more new releases will follow shortly after. A lot is in store with this young new independent musician. The shimmer in Nate’s writing abilities, cast no ill will towards the future – as his confidence in tackling the unknown is just part of the story, for Nate. Music has been with him throughout his life and it will be for a long time to come

New EP – Motenko

With the help of Austin360 and other notable tastemakers like SoulTracks.com, the band has garnered over 100k streams on Spotify in less than a year for their first single. The EP explores emotions from personal experiences of love and loss through a soul-soothing style and medium.

GOODING Releases “The Most Fire”, Their Third Album of 2020

Nashville-based rock trio GOODING have released The Most Fire, their third full length album of 2020. The Most Fire is a follow up to the band’s recently released albums Mayday (August 21) and The Darkest of Hours (October 9) and is the third and final installment of Hymns for Revolution, a three-part concept album of dark, apocalyptic, and cinematic rock ‘n roll.

Like Mayday and The Darkest of Hours before it, The Most Fire was recorded entirely in a basement studio during the Covid-19 quarantine. As the world moves into the new year with a glimmer of hope on the horizon, The Most Fire serves as the closing chapter of the most tumultuous year of our lifetime.

Crystal Cities revisit their earlier dream pop influences on new single ‘Jenny, How Were We To Know”

“The meaning behind this song is something which needs to remain private. Being a music artist in 2021, we’re encouraged to share every little detail about our lives with our audience. While this has opened up many opportunities for artists to have unique and personal interactions with fans – something which we encourage and take full advantage of in Crystal Cities – there are some things that perhaps should be kept to ourselves in order to set boundaries and protect and respect the privacy of other people… In this instance, I want the context of this song to be left up to the listener’s own interpretation.”

Smash Into Pieces – Come Along – Acoustic

Smash Into Pieces has during the winter of 2020/2021 been releasing 3 acoustic versions from their massive catalog. Let Me Be Your Superhero and Save It For The Living was released during 2020 and last but not least, here.