What are the different types of Car Services

At Car Service Reading it is possible to read your engine management system and to diagnose what exactly is going on in 90% of the cases. Diagnosis in the cars that are suitable for it saves a lot of searching work to find the problem.

Whether it’s a brake repair, muffler replacement or just an oil change, our goal is to provide our customers with a fair, high quality service on time. We believe that our customer’s needs and satisfaction come first. You can also get a superior muffler at https://www.tdotperformance.ca/auto-parts-canada/which-flowmaster-fits-my-car-truck/.

Need new tires? Here too you have come to the right place, we are your home base for quality tires from different brands at low prices!

Battery service and sales

Empty battery? Now a specialist in complete battery inspection, replacement and sales can help. Bad weather starts with harsh weather! Old alternators and belts will drain your battery in no time and leave you alone. We can provide you with a fully charged or new battery and be back on the road as soon as possible with our full inspection, charging or replacement service.


Big and small turn

During the overhaul, your car will be checked on many important points. We change the engine oil, replace the oil and air filter and we refill all fluids where necessary. Think of the windscreen washer and coolant.

During the small service, your car will be checked on important points. We change the engine oil, replace the oil filter and refill all fluids. Think of the windscreen washer and coolant.

You can also get car servicing reading from professionals to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Winter- Summer check

Your car will be checked during the winter or summer check for “the top 10 most common breakdown parts”. You can go on a carefree holiday after the winter or summer check.


Maintenance completely tailored to your car brand, car type, year of manufacture and mileage. Maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer. New parts always meet factory specifications. This way your car also retains its factory warranty

Change oil

Professionals always use the oil that belongs to your car. Fresh engine oil contributes to a properly functioning car.

MOT with maintenance

Also, you can choose to combine the MOT with a small, large or branded service. We will always keep you informed of the defects in your car. We also think along with you what is the cheapest for you and the best for the car.

Air conditioning maintenance

Do you notice that the air conditioning does not work properly or smells musty? Then it is time for a freshening up! Did you know that a properly functioning air conditioning is not only useful in the summer? In autumn and winter, the air conditioning helps against fogged car windows. This way you quickly have a good view and you can go safely.

No matter how well you maintain your car, a breakdown can always occur. A breakdown on the road is always inconvenient, but you can have a quick and good solution.