Etoile Marley Warms Our Winter With Electric EP ‘LockItDown’ By Sasha Lauryn

Etoile Marley is the up and coming one-woman music machine refreshing our playlists this month with her freshly released EP ‘LockItDown’ this winter. If someone were to tell me that my new daily soundtrack would have a moniker depicted from the recent lockdown, I might not believe you. Yet, the up and coming, genre-fusing musician Etoile Marley, continues to break the mould and prove me wrong as her freshly released EP ‘LockItDown’ as she is providing some much-needed oomph this year. Citing influences in the likes of Dusty Springfield, M.I.A and Portishead, Etoile expands on a canon of formidable female forces as she carves a space in the popular music landscape today. Yet Etoile is no pastiche, but an effortless evolution of the icons and traditions before her. No rookie to the performing scene, Etoile fuels her musical escapades with her extensive experience as a dancer, actor and circus performer. It’s safe to say that these years of perfecting her performance persona has paid off is the confidence and unique nature of her debut is anything to go by.

Crafting catchy choruses and innately hummable hooks that will have you humming under your masks for hours, Etoile demonstrates why she’s such an exciting act rising the ranks this year throughout her debut EP ‘LockItDown’. Etoile utilised the extensive experience and proficiency of producer Academic, as they sculpted tracks rich with delightful details and slick soundscapes. The strong musical identity of Etoile swims throughout this EP from the vibrant title track ‘LockItDown’ to the softer concluding song showcasing the sweeter-side of Etoile artistry. The title track opens the EP with an electric energy we’ve become accustomed to from Etoile. Oozing confidence in every crevice, ‘LockItDown’ is an explosion of energy. The soundscape of jazz keys and perky percussion lay the foundations for Etoile’s formidable vocals, with jazz elements swimming subtly throughout the song. At its core, ‘LockItDown’ boasts the brilliance of Etoile’s vibrant persona; it’s clear why Etoile claims this is her favourite track off this diverse EP. ‘Do You (OohLaLa)’ is the penultimate track on ‘LockItDown’ and, boy, does it get you in your feels. Showcasing Etoile’s French roots, the rising star demonstrates the softer side to her singing, as hypnotic French lyrics and lo-fi feel create an introspective, intimate atmosphere. Etoile flexes every musical muscle in this vibrant, vocally outstanding performance. With over thirteen thousand streams on the title track alone, and thousands more spread through the whole EP, it’s evident this one-woman musical machine is on a steady trajectory for total airwave domination – and we’re lucky to be along for the ride. So, this winter, let Etoile colour your daily soundtrack with the rich energy of a musician in their prime and, trust me, you’ll be vibing in your lockdown bedroom in no time.

By Sasha Lauryn

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