MSYJ New Release ‘Lift Up The Sky’

Type the word “message” in a search engine. The word generates a tsunami of definitions and suggested pictures of envelopes. For this reason the recording artist “MSYJ” spells his name of the same pronunciation his own way. This way his music is more searchable although still mispronounced. How else would you easily find his new music such as Lift up the sky that channels his reggae roots over a mix of samples and synths.

It’s a song that broadcasts the theme that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Raised mostly in South Florida, MSYJ, a Jamaican American, he began making music at just ten years old when a copy of the production software Fruity Loops was left open in his middle school computer class. Fast forward to 2019 where he began producing for Fast Life Records along with Koolie, and Atomic beats. It was there he co-produced records with Drum’n skillz to release solo singles of his own in 2020. First of which was a spiritual and percussive song: See the Light Feat RJ. He has dropped many more singles since and recently created a video for his latest single driving relationship observation “Fighting My Feelings feat. Radia.” He continues to give as much art as possible to the willing. His subjects deal with the human condition, loss, abandonment, and motivation through his experiences and cultural influence.