Bongo Boy Records Embraces The Holiday Season 2020 With ‘Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol. 5 by Various Artists’

“Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas” sets the tone for the album with a powerful punchy sound courtesy of the Doughboys and Jack Kringle & the Elves. Here they imbue a Pixies-like punk rock spirit into the sound. Tempos are pushed far past the regular Christmas far for a fun, speed-driven swing.

Italian Cowboy Harry James & the Kids go for a frantic time on the chaos that Christmas time can bring with “Sounds to Me Like Christmas”. Here the lyrics have a playful quality to them. Slide guitar further adds to the relatability of the message for the song’s cyclical approach fully consumes the listener.

A meditative “O Come Emmanuel” proves to be a blissful take on the crystal clarity that Christmas can bring, showing off the patient talents of Jeralyn Glass, Dr. Sue Morter and the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls. Vocals have a heavenly grace to them. Instruments too are given plenty of room with which to unfurl completely.

Helen O’Shea lends her soothing, reassuring voice on the calm of “Christmas Blessings”. Sung with care and compassion, the piece keeps things to the absolute essentials. Even the buildup, when it does happen, keeps with that initial pastoral hue.

The merriness of Todd Barrow’s “Christmas Party” reveals the reason for the season. A lovely twang of the guitar gives the piece a joyous sense of celebration. Lyrics are chosen with care to deliver something heartfelt.

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Delicate balance defines the hypnotic trance of Marlo Wells’ “Candle in the Window”. Introspection reigns supreme throughout the tender tones. Nicely tying together such small details in a kind way feels lovely.

Jazzy to the supreme, “Mr. Santa” rolls on through with a tremendous energy as Annemarie Picerno’s commanding vocals take the lead. Piano skitters about in a fantastic way with the choir adding to the incredible color. Layer upon layer filters into the fray adding to the spirit of togetherness.

Rev. Yolanda delivers a soulful, ancient sound on the traditional folk of “Miracles Are Seen in the Light”. Beautiful choruses flow in and out of the sound. The symphonic bliss feels additionally satisfying for the arrangement has a timeless, classic quality.

Yona Pax offers a sense of majesty on the stately “Il est ne I enfant Jesus”. From the organ to the choir, it has a magnificence to it. The melodic richness of the sound is easy to get lost within.

The intimacy of “Where Is Christmas” features a wonderfully gentle storytelling courtesy of Dave Molter and Al Snyder. Vocals soar up into the sky as they allow the piece to sprawl in a fantastically energetic way. Piano and strings merge to become one singular sound.

Bouncing bubbly melodies merge perfectly with Clark Ford’s western take on Christmas with “My Mrs. Claus”. The honky-tonk meets country feels perfect. Everything about it vibrates with glee.

“I Wish It Were Christmas Tonight” shows off the undeniably warm welcoming spirit of Studeo. Layer upon layer intermingles in a dreamy, hopeful way. Tempos time their take while the narrative unfolds in a kind wash of adoration.

“In the Bleak Midwinter” shows off the thought-provoking wonder of Jeralyn Glass, Dr. Sue Morter, and the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls. Glistening tones prevail. Nicely tying together all that came before it a meditative quality takes shape.

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