døssi releases beautiful new track “beloved sun” | OUT TODAY

Ingrid Døssland aka døssi, is a new Bergen-based producer and singer-songwriter, and occasional singer for fellow Norwegians Moyka and SKAAR. Full of melancholy and harmony, she weaves tales of loss and love through a gorgeous voice and guitar playing that’s gently indie-folk like Sufjan Stevens one moment and intricately jazzy like Joni Mitchell the next. She’s due to release her debut EP next year, and the first single comes on 4 December on Diamond Club. It’s called “beloved sun”.

“beloved sun” is about something slowly but surely disappearing. About changing and becoming something else, like when day rolls over into night. About holding on to good memories. A wish to stop time, if only for a brief moment. Stories that will never be retold. And about witnessing all this happening.


Little more than guitar and voice, “beloved sun” allows the listener to hear the crystallised version of døssi. Notes are picked beautifully, you can hear her fingers move along the strings and the layered harmonies find quiet spaces to settle with each other in. The lyrics, meditating on loss and keeping someone’s memory alive, belie the youth of the writer:

“When every memory is made undone / And all your stories forever gone / I wish your memories would stick to mind / And let your stories be mine, oh my / For a little while”