Vazumnacht EP released today

Vazumnacht is the new dark Holiday EP from Detroit deatgaze duo, VAZUM. Inspired by the legend of Krampus, VAZUM transforms 3 Christmas carols into gothic deathrock songs to break the droning Holiday doldrums. The 3 tracks, Carol of the Witch, Unholy Nite and Bark the Hellhounds mix deep industrial dance with traditional post-punk and goth elements, complete with original lyrics. The pair, Emily Sturm and Zach Pliska recorded the tracks in their home studio shortly after the release of their Halloween album, Rated V.

Vazumnacht is being released Friday, December 4th exclusively on the VAZUM Bandcamp page. Though Vazumnacht is available for pay what you want download, the VAZUM bandcamp page offers a unique collection of merchandise all designed by vocalist/bassist Emily Sturm, including enamel pins, stickers, tanks, t-shirts, CD’s and handmade 3d bat glasses.