Jude Gwynaire New Single ‘Midnight in Cincinnati’

Jude Gwynaire embraces a powerful postmodern pop on the joyous “Midnight in Cincinnati”. Sounding akin to a long-lost Stereolab instrumental, the way the song unfurls has an elegance to it. The journey of the piece works wonders for his ear for melody is keen, as the melody is constantly transforming in beautiful, unexpected ways. A tremendous number of instruments filters into the mix from the wah-wah pedals of the funk guitar to the spirited, iridescent keyboards that effortlessly are woven into the sea of sound. Stylistically rooted in a decadent form of 60s psychedelic pop, it also incorporates elements of classical, electronica, and jazz. In spite of the many genres brought into the atmosphere it maintains an airy disposition becoming a song of pure hope.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7n72cIPn4yJfBLLh0BjKlo

Not a moment is wasted for they start things up immediately as the energy bursts forth in a lovely blissful fashion. Despite its instrumental origin, it manages to let an entire narrative unfold wordlessly. Percussion goes for a deft touch for the nimbleness feels pitch-perfect. A great variety of different textures filters in and out of the mix giving it a living, breathing quality. This liveliness feels completely apt, for the ornate arrangement draws the listener in, constantly becoming ever clearer. For the final stretch a unique clarity takes over to close it out.

“Midnight in Cincinnati” shows off the deft skill of Jude Gwynaire in creating a sound that draws from the past while simultaneously pointing to the future.