Scandipop innovator SKIA shares ‘Pocket’ visuals

Dripping with endless creativity amidst an ever-growing collection of fjord-beat bangers, Scandipop innovator SKIA shares the visuals for exhilarating new cut ‘Pocket’, out now via Heist or Hit (Brad Stank, Her’s, Pizzagirl).

Co-written and produced with Silvan Rupp, ‘Pocket’ sees the alt-pop newcomer pick up where debut EP ‘Apricot’ left off; an upbeat, danceable track with raw emotion and relatable content, underpinned by an arpeggiating heart, beating and building, mixed with an organic layer of guitar stabs and handclaps, as SKIA lays out the importance of solidarity.

Discussing the visuals, SKIA explained: “Pocket is an upbeat and fun song about friendship and staying together through the good and the bad. When we decided to make a video for it we knew we wanted to make it FUN and without any rules. At some point through this weird (pandemic) time Nina and I came to the conclusion that the only way forward is to paint our garage pixy green and make it into a green-screen studio. A lot of laughter went into the production of this video and we had the best time filming it. A sprinkle of early 2000’s pop vibes, biking on the highway, vintage telephones and a LOT of dancing. It’s basically designed to put you in a good mood, and I hope it does!!”