Joseph Baldwin Explores Heartbreak With ‘Heartbreak Season (ft. Trudie Potter)’

Melbourne based musician Joseph Baldwin brings us his new single, ‘Heartbreak Season (ft. Trudie Potter)’, an up-beat, tightly-produced indie-pop song exploring modern heartbreak.

Making use of a dialogue structure between Joseph and Trudie, the song reveals the vastly differing and unknown perspectives of a previous relationship. It highlights how the tragedy of relationships may only be identified once it is over, and how there can be such a separation between two past-lovers. The song successfully conveys the intimacy that one person may have felt in a relationship, with the loneliness and isolation the other person may have felt. These two opposing forces are outlined lyrically, with Joseph pleading for answers, “Honestly, I want to see if I ever mattered”, and Trudie revealing her internal separation, “I never told you that I was suffocating living on our own”.

On the single, Joseph says “Although the song exists in an upbeat and fun manner, it serves to highlight the stark differences of perspectives and feelings which can be hidden while in a relationship. I hope people listen to this song and reflect on the hidden feelings of their past relationships to hopefully find some resolution in what can be incredibly complex situations.”

‘Heartbreak Season’ features the soothing and soulful vocals of Trudie Potter, another Melbourne based musician. Trudie has honed her vocal tone and quality to be incredibly exhilarating yet peaceful to listen to.