New Video Mr. Vegas “Dancehall Hallelujah” Video

Everyone has their go-to song that makes them want to get up and start dancing. It doesn’t matter the genre or what the weather is like; when we hear something that makes us tap or feet or nod our head, we can’t help but play it all the time. Well, add this hot new Mr. Vegas song to your dancing playlist. The king of reggae and dancehall has done it again with his recent video for “Dancehall Hallelujah,” and he brings every flavor to the table. Without a doubt, you will want to get out of your seat and get your day going.

“Dancehall Hallelujah” is a beautiful reggae song that feels just as warm as a Caribbean sun. Born Clifford Smith, the Jamaican native pulls inspiration from his roots once again on this new track. The song starts strong with a few epic beat drops, and the wavy rhythm comes in gradually as the song progresses. Then we take off into an abyss of harmonies as this musical wave rides out. Its danceable music is suitable for anyone in any dance club wanting to have a fantastic night. But with this specific track, you don’t have to worry about keeping up. “Dancehall Hallelujah” combines the up-tempo rhythms with the mellow undertones that every great reggae song has. Mix that with the beautiful Biblical Hallelujah melody, and you have a song that everyone will be singing along to at the top of their lungs.

Since the pandemic started, many artists have filmed videos from home with the help of a green screen. “Dancehall Hallelujah” raises that bar a mile high. The clip starts with a black room as three dancing women come into their own spotlight. The video itself looks like something straight out of a doodling pad, with doodled beds and houses and speakers. The scratchy and glitchy grey background stays consistent through the video, forever keeping you on the changing pages. Then we’re joined by an endless stream of beautiful dancing women, sometimes joined with Mr. Vegas himself, sometimes solo, and sometimes in groups. In between these clips, we get individual shots of Mr. Vegas himself dancing along to the catchy beat. Soon enough, you’ll be finding yourself dancing along with this fire dance group and Mr. Vegas.