D2UR New Single ‘Slippin Away’

D2UR captures the emotional toll of the pandemic on the lives of millions with “Slippin Away”. Sung with such earnestness the way that the track incorporates such a wide swath of styles feels outright gorgeous. Country rock, the blues, and pop blend together into a singular whole. By far the true heart of the piece comes from the incredible power of her voice. Lyrics are given life through her impeccable delivery for every word is chosen with the utmost of care, placing weight on each verse in just the right way. The band proves to be exceptional as the riffs and rhythms work wonders in building the entirety of the narrative up in a pitch-perfect fashion.


Nor do they waste a moment for they get things started immediately. Her voice starts things up in earnest coming into focus with such careful precision. A sense of yearning underpins her verses for she longs for time before the pandemic. Everything about her delivery has an earnestness to it while it swirls about. Layer upon layer filters into the mix, with the blues-infused keyboards glowing with so much color. Rhythms go for a ramshackle country approach making sure it all is propelled forward with pure muscle. As the track progresses it becomes something absolutely beautiful, with glimpses of an end of the pandemic in sight.

“Slippin Away” shows off D2UR’s chops in speaking to the moment offering some solace and comfort with all the separation it has caused.