As the World Moves Towards E-Learning & Videos, Adilo is Offering Cheap Lifetime Deal to Host All Your Videos

Online learning has grown significantly in the past decade, as education and the internet have integrated to deliver new skills to the people. After the outbreak of coronavirus, the e-learning graph has surged. As countries went into full lockdown, people adapted e-learning to learn new skills and continue their studies.

The rise of e-learning has provided the video hosting service providers an opportunity to up their game and deliver a secure hosting platform to their users. Imagine that you’re a content creator, and you have prepared an online course after lots of hard work. You upload it on a video hosting platform, and your course gets stolen or leaked. What would be your reaction?

You can’t even imagine that your hard work is being consumed and sold with someone else’s logo or available for free download on torrent websites.

So, the solution?

Well, you need a video hosting platform that is secure and protects your premium content from being stolen. Now, here comes the US-based company Adilo that is secure and protects your premium content.

Unlike other video hosting platforms, which are safe, they break the bank with their expensive price plans. Adilo offers a cheap lifetime deal to host all your videos.


You should avail the lifetime deal because not only it delivers security, but it comes with tons of other features. Features offered by Adilo are listed below:

  1. Adilo offers unlimited video hosting with all its price plans. It means that you don’t have to worry about the storage or number of videos. You can upload all your premium content without worrying about the shortage of space.
  2. Usually, online courses feature long videos, and most platforms define the length and size of video that you can upload, but that’s not the case with Adilo. You can upload videos of unlimited size and length.
  3. It features multi-DRM technology that protects your online courses from being stolen. You don’t have to worry about the security of your premium content.
  4. Adilo is compatible with all the e-learning and learning management platforms such as teachable, LearnDash, thinkific, WordPress, Wix, and everlesson, etc.
  5. It doesn’t matter what type of device your customer is using because Adilo works on all kinds of devices, including smartphones and smart televisions.
  6. You can customize the video player according to your needs. Adilo allows you to customize the player, add chapters, logo, customize the appearance, and control everything you want.
  7. Finally, Adilo saves the viewing session; if a student has left the video or closed the tab, Adilo will save the viewing session, and the video will resume from the time where the student left.

There are other features as well, such as subtitles, watermarks, and primer replay.

Final Words!

Adilo recognized that content creators and teachers put in their hard work to create online courses for their students. So, it delivers a hosting platform that protects your premium content. Not only it protects your content, but it gives you the freedom to upload unlimited videos regardless of their size and length.