Out Now: Bedroom-Pop Artist HEBE Shows Potent Vulnerability In ‘Cards On The Table’

Rising electronic-pop artist HEBE conjures potent vulnerability in ‘Cards On The Table’, the final song and title track from her new EP, out now as an independent release via Kartel Music Group –


“‘Cards On The Table’ is a love song exploring the vulnerability and doubt that come with the early stages of a relationship,” explains Hebe. “The frightening moment you put your cards on the table, you hope the time is right to let your guard down, expose yourself and be loved and accepted.” The five-track EP is an entrancing personal journey through the artist’s own experiences; from the vulnerability of being in long-distance relationship in the soul-laden, electronica-nuanced ‘Out Of Sight’, to tackling her fears and anxiety in last year’s Clash Magazine-approved ‘Hunting Me’. While the recurring theme of nature stands at the core of her song ‘Heal Again’.

“I regularly travel between The Netherlands and Uganda to visit my boyfriend”, explains HEBE, “it took some effort to find my place and mode of living, but moving away from the life in Amsterdam made me think about global developments in a new way, but also my views on friendship, our place in nature and expectations to be productive changed. This EP is an expression of what I saw, felt and experienced in that period.”