Today two artists Maurico and My Silent Bravery combined forces to release their first joint album entitled ‘Live’. It is available on all online and streaming platforms and is the first of a three-album thematic project by the duo entitled ‘Live, Love, Dream’. The project was produced by Andrew Gallagher of NeHero Studios infusing elements of rap, hiphop, r&b, pop and rock. ‘Live’ addresses what it is like to live in today’s world, tackling complicated issues, while also maintaining an optimistic view. It is a 10 song LP and celebration of two artists embracing their unique musical styles to combat fear and share their hope and faith with the world.

‘Survivor’’, ‘Boom’ and ‘So Foolish” are the first three songs released from ‘LIVE, LOVE, DREAM’. Survivor is an anthemic upbeat inspirational song, the current single, and album opener. The message is clear and powerful, that despite the challenges one faces, they can come out the other side even stronger, something both artists have had to do. Maurico overcoming challenges of poverty in his childhood and Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery overcoming a sports injury in his youth. The chorus echoes “I’m a winner, I’m a fighter, overcomer, a Survivor”. Boom is a lighter fun party song and fan favorite. Its fun vibe can be felt with lyrics like “we shake the room, speakers so loud you can hear it on the moon”.

‘So Foolish’ tackles several big challenges we are faced with as a society including gun control, racism, social inequality and calling for immediate an imminent change. Its clear that both artists are passionate about these issues and wanted to use their voice for positive change. Matthew Wade statesWe need to use our voice to speak up on equality and basic human rights. I think until we live in a society that is just and treats everyone as equal, we need to keep addressing it, keep working on it, keep spreading the message, keep learning, keep educating, and get this message out to as many people as possible”.

Both artists feel passionately that by coming together and respecting and embracing differences that is the way forward. That is one of the reasons they came together to release this project. Maurico stated, “What makes the world turn is when we call move in harmony with our differences. It’s a beautiful thing to see two different worlds come together to find one unifying voice”.