Scott Celani Band Releases New Single/Video “For What It’s Worth”

The past comes back to haunt, but musically speaking “For What It’s Worth” has more to say with what Scott Celani adds to the Buffalo Springfield song about the coming of and age and this version is also about that and seems to beg for another blast through the ears of the world. And what a blast this new recording is in its own right, for which Celani could soon enough be more widely recognized for the already popular Buffalo NY-area artist touring around the country and into Canada before the pandemic hit, which likely picks up in 2021 from where it left off.


Not much else about Scott Celani is known to me, but after hearing this one and seeing the video numerous times I will be delving back into his last five singles in a time that is hard to keep the attention of anyone unless they really love music. “For What It’s Worth” has always been a title that people know, but it also has been associated with the song differently over the years with people calling it things like “stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down” and tend to forget about the song title.

All songs can have their own meaning to the listener, but some should never be taken too far from where they originally came and Celani does both with and wins with flying colors in the process, which you can hear he clearly enjoyed doing. The reason to cover this song is obvious, but this wildly unsuspecting version is simple another story as it takes you to another dimension the song obviously has wings to accomplish by itself. You get a new, and dare I say improved “For What It’s Worth,” or I am hearing and seeing the wrong things, which is what the song is about in some regard.

It I also worth noting that Scott Celani’s band pull out all stopped to turn this song into a modern day classic of its own colossal proportion, so it does not go to Celina alone because everyone plays so well and helps make it a total package. This is also the first I’ve heard of Celani but it will not be the last, if that helps you run to this for a taste of what he and his band cooked up on this to make it stand out on its own two feet.


And if you like graphic depictions of what almost resembles doomsday compared to just five years ago, then it is only fair to give the “For What It’s Worth” video a few minutes of your time and you might invest even more in the price of admission. The video covers flashes of what we already see in the news, and we are likely to keep seeing, including by way of repeat, for some years to come because people never forget and video helps capture any moment worth seeing or not. This new version is a must hear and the video is a must watch.

Gwen Waggoner

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