Tina Sisay’s new single “Red Light and Blue”

Tina Sisay delivers a message of unity on the passionate soul of “Red Light and Blue”. A clever mixture of the faith in humanity alongside a desire to rise above what divides the world, the track radiates hope. Her voice possesses an incredible range working up from a hushed whisper to a tremendous soaring ray of light. Accompanied by a symphonic chamber pop, the song grows and grows. Instrumentally rich she brings so much into the fray. By far the true highlight comes from the poignancy of her lyricism words that offer a poetic beauty to them.


Quiet piano nicely unfurls revealing a pastoral beauty. Done with the utmost of care, the decay of the keys has a mournful quality to it. Here is where Tina Sisay takes stock of what the world truly is right now: in disarray from so much strife. Imagery of faith emerges from this small moment serving as the very focal point of it all. Layer upon layer gradually comes into the mix while Tina Sisay’s voice rises to the occasion. From here the volume starts to increase, building up ever higher into the colossal swirling sea of sound. Upon the whole of the sound coming into the fray her voice takes on a gospel-like affect while it displays a true spirit of hope.

“Red Light and Blue” reveals Tina Sisay to be a true wordsmith and a poet of the highest caliber.