Sending Digital Emotion: 5 Commonly Used Emojis To Describe How You Feel

In this digital age, emojis become more and more popular with users as a way to express emotions on text messages and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As such, different emoticons on various platforms can help convey how you feel even without using letters.

Indeed, it’s critical to send the right emoji that describes what you feel at the moment to avoid getting misunderstood. Hence, if you’re happy, you can use the happy faces emoji and not the sad one. Otherwise, people will misinterpret your message or post with sad emoji and likely think you’re going through a lot.

To get to know more about these ideograms, here are five of the most commonly used emojis as of writing that can best represent how you feel.

Okay Hand Emoji

Whether you’re sending a text message to your family or chatting with a friend, sending an okay emoji is one way to let them know that you’re doing fine. This emoticon is also known as the pinched finger emoji, which shows a human hand with the index finger and thumb touching each other, forming an open circle.

Naturally, this emoji represents approval or just merely saying, “yes, I’m okay.” Moreover, the okay hand emoticon has a total of five color variations, these are:

  • Light skin tone
  • Dark skin tone
  • Medium skin tone
  • Medium-light skin tone
  • Medium-dark skin tone

Furthermore, this emoji is often used to express that something is excellent, perfect, just right, or a good choice. So, instead of constructing one or two sentences to convey your point, you can just simply use the okay hand emoji to let your family or friends know your thought.

Face with Tears of Joy

A lot of people nowadays used the face with tears of joy emoji to express overjoy or amusement when someone does or says something embarrassing or funny. So, if you want to send your laughter to the other line, you can insert this emoticon to your SMS and let them know you’re laughing so hard with tears streaming down on your face.

Heart Eyes Emoji

Another frequently used emoji as of writing is the one with a yellow face and popped heart eyes. Within the Unicode standard, this emoticon is officially called the Smiling Face with Heart-shaped Eyes.

Generally, this emoji enthusiastically expresses love and infatuation. Hence, sending a message with this ideogram is a way of conveying your love for someone or obsession with something.

Disappointed Face Emoji

If you’re disappointed with something and don’t know how to tell it to your family or friends, you can send them a disappointed face emoji as a way of showing that you’re upset. This emoticon appears as a yellow frowning face with closed eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

Basically, the disappointed face emoji conveys varying degrees of disappointment and sadness. As such, people often use it when someone they loved passed away, or they didn’t get the free meal at the newly open restaurant.

Loudly Crying Face Emoji

Loudly Crying Face emoji is the one with a yellow face, open mouth wailing, and streams of massive tears are flowing down to its cheeks. It expresses uncontrollable emotions ranging from agony and downfall to great happiness and hilarity. Generally, the tone of this ideogram is often meant to be hyperbolic and overstates the truth.


In this modern generation, emojis are everywhere, from text and multimedia messages to social media posts and updates. Sending emoticons such as the five mentioned above can help anyone express their emotions if they don’t know the exact words to convey what they feel.