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Pandora Launches Artist-Made ‘Endless Playlist’ with Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, and more

Pandora today introduced the Endless Playlist, where artists can share their favorite songs along with personal messages, then pass the mic to fellow artists to make their picks. Beginning today, listeners can journey through handpicked songs and discover the music loved by Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Snoh Aalegra, The Neighbourhood, Billie Eilish, and Arlo Parks, with more to come in this ever-growing playlist.

How does this dynamic musical journey work? It starts with an artist handpicking a song by another artist that they love, sharing a brief message explaining why the song is important to them, then handing it off to the artist they chose to do the same. The playlist operates as a musical game of tag, and will be updated with new songs and inspirational messages. Here is how the living, growing playlist starts, and listeners can stay tuned to discover who the latest artist will pick next.

The Mountain Goats share the story behind new song “Picture of My Dress,” announce two online concerts

Today marks the premiere of “Picture of My Dress” off the Mountain Goats’ imminent new album, Getting Into Knives (out October 23)! The song’s creation happened in plain sight, beginning with a single tweet from “Good Bones” poet Maggie Smith suggesting a simple photo essay involving a woman driving across the country taking pictures of a discarded wedding dress. John Darnielle came across the tweet and was struck by the imagery; he quickly titled the song and got to work, striking up a friendship with Smith in the process.

Like the other 12 songs found on Getting Into Knives, “Picture of My Dress” was carefully filtered through the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis with the assistance of producer Matt Ross-Spang, whose credits include work with Jason Isbell, Margo Price, and John Prine. The result is what Darnielle describes as “a pop-country song that’s still identifiably the Mountain Goats, universally relatable but still a little cracked.”

Black Violin Releases Music Video For “Impossible Is Possible”

Black Violin, the classical-meets-hip-hop duo of Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste, released a new video for “Impossible Is Possible.” The song is taken from Black Violin’s new album Take The Stairs, which debuted last year in the top ten across multiple genre charts: #1 in Current Classical, #1 in Classical Crossover, #7 in Heatseekers, and #9 in Current R&B/Hip-Hop. Take The Stairs was praised by The Root, Loudwire, and Billboard, who said the album “celebrates Black Violin’s genre-less approach to music, from the futuristic anthem ‘One Step’ to the elaborate ‘Serenade.’” In the last year, Black Violin has performed at the Oscars Governors Ball, on The Today Show, and on Access Daily.

HANSON announce new album out Nov 6

Hot on the heels of the group’s successful first installment of their monthly livestreaming concerts, pop-rock trio HANSON are inviting fans around the world to join them for the second chapter on November 5 -7, which will also coincide with the November 6 release of their new album Perennial – A Hanson Net Collection. The livestreaming concert series broadcasting live from the historic Cain’s Ballroom, a local music landmark in the band’s hometown of Tulsa, OK, features a new musical theme each month, and offers live streaming tickets along with very limited in-person tickets for members of the band’s Hanson.net fan club. November’s musical theme for the concerts will be inspired by the new album, Perennial, which highlights music recorded for the band’s Hanson.net community over the last 20 years, but never before shared with the public.

Jordan Reyes Shares Haunting New Single + Video “Rebirth at Dusk” ft. mem. of Ono

“I envisioned the record as a journey through human expression over the course of one day,” says Chicago composer and ONO member Jordan Reyes, musing on his sophomore album Sand Like Stardust. When planning the album, Reyes wanted to consider the trajectory of American music, drawing a throughline from the oral traditions enmeshed in blues, country, folk to contemporary underground music, splicing together acoustic instrumentation with an experimental, electronic sensibility. As such, the album begins with the first instrument – human-constructed wind – the sole sound source on opening song “The Pre-Dawn Light,” which invites the listener in with layered voice and whistling.

NERVOSA is Back! Fourth Studio Album, Perpetual Chaos, Coming in January 2021

The four women of Thrash/Death frontrunners NERVOSA stay true to their roots while exploring new terrain with a revitalized line-up!

A heavy, incontrollable vortex led by the full-speed Thrash/Death metal engine NERVOSA is ready to attack the world and leave nothing but Perpetual Chaos (out January 22 via Napalm Records) in its wake! Their talented new line up – featuring founding guitarist Prika Amaral and talented new members Diva Satanica on vocals, Mia Wallace on bass and Eleni Nota on drums – strike with inexorable full femme power, showcasing their ability for critical and straightforward lyricism mixed with an intoxicating blend of thrash spiced with remarkable death metal assaults.

Combichrist Guitarist ERIC13 Reveals Video for New Solo Single, “Black Lipstick”

“It was definitely a challenge to plan and execute a video when none of us could be together,” ERIC13 says. “It required a lot of trust to bring together our different artistic elements. I’ve never met Tink, but she has this incredible magic that jumps off the screen. Photos of her inspired the entire video and artwork for the song itself. She is like no one or anything I’ve ever seen. The recording was already complete, yet she is the song, and the song is her.”

Emi Wes channels serious soul on new single ‘Five Miles’

Following on from the release of her highly-praised debut single ‘Issues’ from earlier this year, emerging singer and songwriter Emi Wes has now returned with her bold and bouncing new offering ‘Five Miles’.

With a voice that balances the fragility of Amy Winehouse against the sheer power of Aretha Franklin, Emi Wes has spent the last couple of years working with Danish songwriters and experimenting with different genres to perfect her musical craft.

PCG Artist Development & Visible Music College Join Forces To Create PCG At Visible

PCG Artist Development, a nationally recognized talent development agency headquartered in Nashville, and Visible Music College, with campuses throughout the United States, have announced a joint partnership to create the first ever college accredited curriculum for developing recording artists, musicians and theatrical performers called PCG At Visible (VisiblePCG.com). Classes for the Spring 2021 semester are set to begin on January 19 at all Visible Music College campuses in Memphis, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Redding and Atascadero, California.


La promesa mas joven del genero Urbano HOZWAL, lanza hoy el sencillo y video musical “Cual De Los Dos” junto al popular cantante Urbano Jay Wheeler. Con muy poco tiempo en la industria musical, Hozwal se ha posicionado como una de las promesas del genero, ya que con el manejo de Carlos “Javier” Casillas (Javish), de Sold Out Entertainment y su talento singular, ha logrado conquistar en el mercado.

SONS OF OTIS: crush your ears with new album “Isolation” streaming in full!

Eight long years after their last effort “Seismic”, Canadian stoner doom icons SONS OF OTIS are ready to deliver their new studio album “Isolation”, to be released on Friday 16th October on Totem Cat Records. “Isolation” is now streaming in full exclusively over at CVLT Nation, get ready to see your world shaken upside down and crushed to dust…

“This album feels like it’s been made to show us that there’s no such thing as isolation; our inner universe is so vast that it’s almost terrifying to explore.” — Cvlt Nation
“Put your head in it, and Isolation might just stretch you out for years.” — The Obelisk
“A lumbering beast of a record, claustrophobic in both heaviness and repetition.” — The Sleeping Shaman

Lo Talker release first single “No Champagne”

Andrew Shepard, vocalist and songwriter of the band, says of “No Champagne” that it’s a song about “having a reckoning with your past, fighting a religious culture war with political weirdos and grifters, and the absurdity of just being” during the American panorama of the last few years. To Shepard’s credit, he never wallows. He has a gift for writing observational moments with unexpected verve, and sometimes some much needed humor.

Witch Prophet Unveils “Tesfay” Music Video

This past March saw the release of queer singer-songwriter and co-CEO of Heart Lake Records, Witch Prophet’s sophomore album, DNA Activation – an ode to her Ethiopian and Eritrean ancestral roots, fusing jazz, hip-hop, soul and RnB with songs in English, Amharic, and Tigrinya. Co-produced by Witch Prophet and her partner SUN SUN, praised by press and music lovers alike, DNA Activation was shortlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize.

Life Size Models Unveil Nostalgic Rock Single “Everything Changed”

Life Size Models tell of the track:
“If you look around at the world, you’re likely to want an escape too. ‘A Way Out’ was written because we needed a way out of our heads, our habits, even our environment. When you’re frustrated and restless, like so many of us are, the need for an exit sign looms larger. Does that outlet come from a scream, a hug, a laugh, a song, another human connection? ‘I can give you a way out, if you want me to’. You choose. Just move forward.”

Matthew Mast premieres heavy new single “Born Again”

Today, the promising heavy songwriter, Matthew Mast shared the latest single “Born Again” from his upcoming album Of All The Endings via a premiere with Post-Trash. One of the most pummeling tracks from Mast’s latest effort, the doom-laden “Born Again” bursts in with walls of melancholy guitars and synths, elevated further by the rise and fall of Mast’s haunting vocals and Alessandra Dean’s accompanying harmonies. “Born Again” peels away layers of self-doubt and gloom with monolithic rhythms in an effort to be remembered as something more. On Of All The Endings, due out October 23rd through V.A.S.P. Legacy, Mast delivers a towering and emotional collection of tracks that serve as a powerful reminder of the murkiness lying just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Rachael Sage Debuts Artful “Cave” Video

MPress Records recording artist/label owner Rachael Sage has released a new video for her song “Cave” from her critically acclaimed album, Character. Premiered by Stereo Embers in the US and OriginalRock.net in the UK, the intimate video clip – filmed at Carriage House Studios – is punctuated by Rachael’s signature calligraphic handwriting and original artwork.

PREMIERE: Rachael Sage’s ‘Cave’ is a landmark of authenticity

Darren Jessee Streams New LP in Advance of Friday’s Release

Best known for his work as co-founder and drummer for alt-pop legends Ben Folds Five, Darren Jessee’s music has always given context to the important moments in our lives. His work echoes the candid sensations derived from the densities of his inspirations, though his songs are devoid of lingering influence and emotional artifice. Devastating in its lyrical directness, his work finds nuance and strange beauty in the messier aspects of our lives.

Swoon, Deep, & Real: Darren Jessee’s ‘Remover’ Is a Tender, Quiet Tempest

Alexis Lynn Shares Haunting New Single, “Ghosts”

Alexis’ newest single, “Ghosts,” is a sad but sweet melodic pop track that recognizes feelings of insecurity and doubt but finding hope realizing you’re not the only one.

Joan of Arc Release New Single “Something Kind” From Final Album ‘Tim Melina Theo Bobby’ Out Dec. 4th (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Joan of Arc—the band of Melina Ausikaitis, Bobby Burg, Theo Katsaounis, and Tim Kinsella— today released their new single “Something Kind” alongside a video co-directed by Jess Price, Theo, and Bobby. Written by Melina (who also cruises the streets of Chicago in the accompanying video), the simmering and explosive track is out today and follows their recent single “Destiny Revision” that announced the band’s forthcoming final album, Tim Melina Theo Bobby, out on December 4th via Joyful Noise Recordings. “I’ve never been a fan of the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song ‘Blinded by the Light,’ even after I found out that the lyrics weren’t “revved up like a douche” like I thought. Same goes for Eric Burdon & War’s ‘Spill the Wine,’” Ausikaitis explains. “I started writing ‘Something Kind’ in a light hearted jokey mood. But as I wrote I began getting angrier and angrier. I felt that the women in those songs were incidental. And that, at times in my life, I had been made to feel that way.”

Josh Kelley to Release New Full-Length Album, ‘My Baby & The Band’

If there is one piece of his life that Josh Kelley is more than comfortable displaying, it’s how he feels about his family. The central line running through My Baby & The Band, set for release on November 13, is the contentment he’s found in his life with his wife and three kids. He paints a picture of a man who has found his place nestled deep into the small mountain town they call home, along with everything that entails: the simple, extraordinary moments, the disagreements, the makeups, and a deep love for one another. It’s wrapped in sonic packaging that’s true to who Kelley is, clear in its reverence for a great voice and song but unafraid to experiment with new textures surrounding it. The title track is out now.

FIRE FOLLOWS Release New Song “Black and White” Out Now + Watch The Official Video

Make no mistake; the Colorado based Fire Follows is here on business. Founded, crafted, and led by vocalist, musician, producer, and writer Chris Watt, the band delivers a melodic, yet heavy rock sound that is defined by anthemic choruses, beautiful piano interludes, and the perfect blend of rap/scream/sing vocals. In an effort to build a dynamic band that is capable of touring in 2021, Chris brought in seasoned musicians Tim Yunker (sing/rap), Emily Gould (drums), and his brother Tyler Watt (harmony/scream). Their influence can be immediately felt on the newest “Glass Gre-nade” release, showcasing Tim’s gospel/soul inspired vocal stylings, Emily’s dynamic and precise drumming techniques, and Tyler’s rich harmony/backing vocals. Fire Follows gained tremendous industry attention with the If It’s War You Want EP release in 2019, and expects that trend to continue with the 5 song Glass Grenade release in 2021. The songs demonstrate Chris’s ever evolving writing style, and with a radio ready production quality, are sure to cut through the indus-try noise. The sophomore release utilizes more scream vocals than its predecessor, and the addition of Tim, Emily, and Tyler has taken the overall sound to a whole new level. The hooky choruses are sure to produce multiple hits, and will be enjoyed by fans from pop, classical, and country genres, in addition to traditional hard-rock/meal fans.

HDBeenDope Releases New Video “Die With Me” Today

HDBeenDope released the official video for “Die With Me” today. The haunting visuals find HD interrogating a hooded captive while rapping the lyrics to the fan-adored track. You don’t want to be stressed for your whole life, right? Die with me x3 don’t you want your money coming in on time? the multi-dimensional creative raps over bass-heavy boom bap production, sharing a poignant message on the cost of selling out for fame and fortune. “Die With Me” was released on HD’s critically acclaimed project, BrokeN Dreams.


A conversation I had with my fiancée one day led me to writing the track I’m sharing with you today, “always been you.”

I said to her, “The only person that can ever hurt me would be you, because you know all of my insecurities.” Then of course, I whipped out my notes and jotted down the idea.

Later that night, strumming my guitar, the line “I only wanna be hurt by you,” came to me, a nursery rhyme-like melody that wouldn’t leave my head.

Kat Saul Shares New Single/Video “Alright”

Today, alt-pop sensation Kat Saul releases her new single/video, “Alright.” The new single will join “Monsters” and “I Love To Hate You,” on Saul’s upcoming sophomore EP, slated for release later this year.

“Alright” is an anthem that celebrates taking a chance on love, despite the risk of heartbreak. As with many of Saul’s tracks, “Alright” weaves infectious pop melodies and self-aware lyricism with alt-rock inspired instrumentals. She remains unrestricted by genres, expectations or trends, and, instead, writes straight from the heart.

Mati Gómez celebra el lanzamiento de su nuevo sencillo “Como nunca” junto a “Bala”

El cantante chileno residenciado en la ciudad de Miami, FL presenta su nuevo sencillo “Como nunca”. Una colaboración musical del intérprete del género pop-urbano junto a la cantante y creadora de contenido mexicana Bala. El sencillo se encuentra disponible a partir de hoy en todas las plataformas digitales.

Mati Gómez, el joven talento del sello discográfico La Industria INC, catapultó su carrera artística hace tan solo un año con el lanzamiento del sencillo “Yo no sé”. Tema al que posteriormente se le realizó su remix oficial en compañía de Nicky Jam y Reik, y con el que ha podido superar la cifra de 4 millones de visualizaciones en la plataforma de videos YouTube.

Dead Original – ‘Restrained’ new music video & single

Chicago based grunge infused, heavy rock trio DEAD ORIGINAL has released the official music video for their new single, “Restrained,” the third track off of their upcoming, debut LP, Bought and Sold. Front-man and lead guitarist Paul Wandtke (ex Trivium, Rock of Ages), bassist Mike Petrasek (BEDLEM), and drummer Sean McCole are releasing their debut album on Nov 13th via InGrooves under the direction of Dennis Sanders. The album features 13 original tracks self produced by the band.

Brittany Campbell / National Coming Out Day – “Champion”

R&B artist/animator/actress/activist Brittany Campbell just shared her empowering + self-illustrated video for “Champion” (feat. Phil.) for National Coming Out Day. It follows Campbell’s Black Lives Matter protest anthem “Matter,” recently featured on NPR and Democracy Now!

JIM AND SAM Release ‘Songs From After So Many Days’

“A wellspring of raw passion and emotion, Songs from After So Many Days is a tapestry of wondrous folk and folk rock that puts the human spirit on full display. It’s a record of fortitude and strength; of love and understanding; of new people and places, and so much more.” – Atwood Magazine

LA singer/songwriter duo Jim and Sam have released their new album, Songs from After So Many Days (Nettwerk) in advance of the digital release of their award-winning feature film documentary After So Many Days, out October 20th via Gravitas Ventures.

San Antonio’s LOVE AGAIN Releasing “What I Left Behind” EP on Nov 20th via Wiretap Records

San Antonio, TX emo/indie rock trio LOVE AGAIN are giving fans another taste of their upcoming ‘What I Left Behind’ EP (out November 20 on Wiretap Records) with the release of their new single and video “I’ll Remember.”

Don’t Believe In Ghosts Release Official Music Video for Single “Still Holding On”

Don’t Believe In Ghosts released their official music video for their brand new single “Still Holding On”. The new single follows the success of “Living Like This” released earlier this year which landed on hundreds of radio stations around the world despite the start of a pandemic.

Omar Apollo Shares New Song “Want U Around”

Ahead of the release of Apolonio this Friday, Omar Apollo is sharing a new song from the project. Produced entirely by Apollo himself, “Want U Around” featuring Ruel is out now and follows the previously-released singles “Kamikaze,” “Dos Uno Nueve,” titled 219 after his area code in his home state of Indiana, and the self-written and self-produced “Stayback,” which The FADER called “his downright funkiest work to date,” and which received a remix featuring Parliament-Funkadelic’s Bootsy Collins.

Westside Gunn Releases Major Label Debut “Who Made The Sunshine”

Westside Gunn has delivered his feverishly anticipated major-label debut LP Who Made The Sunshine via Shady Records. Executive produced by Gunn himself, the album features a MOMA level of curation of artists that include Slick Rick, Black Thought, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Smoke DZA, A.A Rashid, Stove God Cooks, Flee Lord, Estee Nack, ElCaminio, and Keisha Plum. Producers include Griselda stalwarts Daringer and Beat Butcher along with Alchemist, Just Blaze, and Conductor Williams. One of the most prolific artists in the game, whose personal catalog rivals entire labels, it was never the legendary Buffalo rapper’s intention to be a rapper. With aspirations of solely being a designer, he had to change his game plan upon release from his second stint in prison when his brother Conway The Machine was shot—realizing that he needed to take the reigns while his brother recovered. 20+ releases later that built a devout fan base, and one of the most respected rap indies of the past decade in Griselda, Gunn has now released his most impressive work to date.

Westside Gunn releases major-label debut “Who Made the Sunshine”

Ghostlawns stream debut album ‘Motorik’ on GIITTV Blog

Mae Ghostlawns o Gaerdydd yn rhyddhau eu albwm cyntaf Motorik trwy Bandcamp a gwasanaethau ffrydio ar 30 Hydref 2020. Recordwyd yr albwm gan y cynhyrchydd Charlie Francis (REM, Robyn Hitchcock) a rhyddheir trwy SUB Records.

Bydd nifer gyfyngedig o CDs ar gael i’w prynu trwy eu tudalen Bandcamp. Mae’r trac “Y Gorwel” a’u senglau “Breaking Out” a “Ffoi” wedi cael eu chwarae ar safleoedd radio rhyngwladol, gan gynnwys y BBC, y DU, UDA, Canada, De America, Awstralia, Ffrainc, a’r Almaen.

October Drift release video for ‘Like The Snow We Fall’

October Drift have released a poignant new video for their recent single ‘Like The Snow We Fall’, the first release to be taken from their upcoming acoustic EP, Naked, out on November 6th via Physical Education Records.

Stark and atmospheric, ‘Like The Snow We Fall’ blends rhythmic acoustic guitar with sparse accents of piano, before opening into a beautifully immersive orchestral climax. Throughout, frontman Kiran Roy’s vocals paint a powerful and darkly optimistic portrait of hope and catharsis, set against instrumentals that blur the lines between folk and post-rock.

GHXST share new track from their upcoming EP ‘Dark Days’

Grunge-noise duo GHXST have recently announced the release of their new EP ‘Dark Days’ on 16th November.

Following up the release of ‘P.U.R.R’ back in September, the duo has now shared a second track from EP. ‘It Falls Apart’ was written when GHXST drove out to California leaving New York behind, after having lived there for over a decade. Hazy vocals are mixed with the downtuned riffs of a Marshall cab, a loving reference to two of their all-time heroes Jimi and Iommi.

BlabberMouf “Stop Still” – produced by SQB

BlabberMouf and SQB proudly present the last music video for their ”Aint Backin’ Down” album entitled ‘Stop Still’. This video was shot in Barcelona/Spain in August 2019 before the corona crisis.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – ‘Love Valley’ Available now

In the opening track, “Heart Of It,” I feel like I’ve arrived at the place I’ve been dreaming of. I can see it all – I feel myself driving home and parking by the barn. “Heart Of It” is about the person that seams it all together. It’s a proclamation of simple love. Setting is significant, but the person is at the heart of it. We can have that person at the heart of our own story, and at the same time be that for theirs.

DEBUT SINGLE // Isaac Stuart – “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?”

On his debut release “Do You Like It When We Lay Like This?” singer-songwriter Isaac Stuart is head over heels. Willing to change the way the wind blows or just whip up a quick cuppa, Isaac’s adoration seemingly knows no bounds on this endearing introduction.

Kirtan Leader Adam Bauer to Release Third Album Return to the Sacred and New Single “Baba (Neem Karoli Guru Bhai)” Tomorrow

At the end of co-leading a pilgrimage in India in early 2020, Adam landed at Depot Records in Delhi to create the core of these tracks on the cusp of the global pandemic. During lockdown in the US, the album was crafted with highly respected world music producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Deva Premal).

The India sessions were brought together and anchored by Mohan Shyam Sharma (Ravi Shankar, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, All India Radio), one of world’s most revered players of the pakhawaj, a traditional temple drum. The Indian recording artists are an all-star team of talented musicians including Rajeev Janardan on Surbahar, Kailash Sharma on Bansuri, and Hricha Rashmi and Deepa Mishra on vocals.

Judah & the Lion Releases “Beautiful Anyway” Video as Song Hits #9 at Alternative Radio!

Nashville-based trio Judah & the Lion is thrilled to share the official music video for their rising single “Beautiful Anyway” today as the song hits a new peak on the Alternative Chart, entering the Top 10 at #9 this week. The video weaves together scenes from live shows and quarantine with personal footage of the band members – Judah Akers, Nate Zuercher, and Brian Macdonald – and their friends, creating the perfect video accompaniment for a song that focuses on finding the best in ourselves and each other. Watch the video now!

Jazz singer-songwriter Yola Nash creates her own path

Hardened by growing up in Communist Poland where she was beaten often by an alcoholic father has not dimmed the vibrant spirit of jazz singer-songwriter Yola Nash. Although oppression and obstacles have long been part of her existence, today she thrives in New York City where she hosts her own celeb-driven WABC Radio show and sings to touch people’s hearts, espousing inspiring messages that “love is most important” and “don’t give up on your dreams.” Her recently released second album, “Touched By Love,” an intimate acoustic jazz set that oozes sensuality, passion and emotion, is being considered for nominations in two GRAMMY jazz categories: Album of the Year and Best Jazz Vocal Album.

EVE OF DESTRUCTION – Iconic Protest Song Covered by Casey Abrams feat. Cyndi Lauper

Today, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casey Abrams shares his new single, a cover of P.F. Sloan’s impassioned “Eve of Destruction.” The track boasts the unmistakable harmonies of legendary vocalist , activist and near EGOT, Cyndi Lauper.

Casey Abrams Discusses Teaming With Cyndi Lauper for Reimagining of “Eve of Destruction”


The historic city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has another star on the rise. 17-year-old rapper, BWay Yungy is just getting started, having racked up over 10 million views in the last eight months alone before his major label debut. Today, he announced of the release of a brand new single, “For Me,” a hard-hitting record that puts the budding musician’s raw skills on display. Taking a different approach and focusing on his female audience, Bway Yungy shows a different side on his latest track “For Me”.

DJ HARD HITTA ft. Roscoe Tanner “Misconstrued” New Single!

Succsexx a Toronto based sleaze metal band releases their album, “Sexx Machine” via FnA Records

Succsexx is a Toronto based rock quintet that got their start on Halloween night in 1987 at the famed Toronto nightclub Heaven. The ’87 lineup featured members from Toronto bands Coney Hatch, Harlot and Arson. Shortly after the inaugural performance the lineup evolved into their mainstay membership featuring Saxx Creed (vocals), Gypsy LaRose (guitar), Michael McV (guitar), Justin Zane (bass) and Johnny Rude (drums).

As the group’s live stage show, equal parts camp-glam and zany matured, Succsexx built a loyal and strong following with headline engagements at Toronto venues El Mocambo, Lee’s Palace, Masonic Temple, The Diamond Club and Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven. When Heaven underwent its transformation to Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven Succsexx appeared regularly at the legendary venue known for its steady presentation of international “hair metal” superstars.

Courted by several Canadian record labels, Succsexx never signed with a major label.

ALLEYWAY Play Their Own Brand Of Heavy Metal ‘After Dark’

From the sewers of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Us metal group Alleyway have emerged, speed-crazed and piss-drunk with their fourth full length album release, After Dark released via Sliptrick Records on October 13th, 2020. Recorded at 14:59 Studios by Will Maravelas, then mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker of Signaturetone Recording, After Dark is another slab of heavy-metal-rock-and-roll that leaves no fist unclenched and no beer undrained.