Tessa Rae & Ones To Watch Premiere “Body” Video

Oakland-born, LA-raised Tessa Rae has premiered the ‘haunting’ video for her newest single “Body.” Ones To Watch, in a feature about her and the video that hit today, call the record “a bouncy indie-pop jam. Boasting achingly floaty vocals laced beautifully over the tracks dreamlike beat”, and we agree, the sound is 100% Tessa- and impossible not to fall for on first listen. The video is both funny, and incredibly dark. It takes us on a journey through “a series of stunning, technicolor scenes” (Ones To Watch). Entirely created and conceptualized by Tessa, we see her and her ‘partner’ living day to day in moments… with a twist. Her partner is a skeleton. Tessa explains, “the fact that a warm body at least helps us to feel alive is kind of tongue in cheek, that’s why I chose a skeleton as my costar, to evoke a sense of lifelessness in the relationship.”

Tessa released new music last summer to much acclaim, but something wasn’t right- the songs didn’t feel like her so she took a beat and went back to work. She’s finally ready to share records that truly feel like her. After some introspection, and a lot of exploring, she set up a studio in her living room and wrote until music finally felt like home again. “I went through a period of time where I definitely took on the tortured artist persona. It was hard. A lot of sessions ended with me feeling lost and hopeless, or in a daze from smoking too much weed trying to find the ‘muse’. And then something clicked. I picked up a guitar, I opened Logic on my laptop. The process became fun again.”