Jillette Johnson Releases Tongue-In-Cheek Single “What Would Jesus Do”

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jillette Johnson shares a tongue-in-cheek new single “What Would Jesus Do” off her forthcoming album It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You, which drops February 12. Accompanied by a self-directed, DIY video shot during quarantine, “What Would Jesus Do” is a biting meditation on acceptance, masked with an irreverent hook – “What would Jesus do? I don’t know, but I know he wouldn’t do it my way.”

“As I see it, we’re all in pain, trapped in our minds, trying to find comfort and meaning,” explains Johnson. “We don’t have control over the world around us, and the more we can surrender to that, the more joy and true connection we will find. This song is a meditation on radical acceptance. However you manage to find peace is cool with me, I just might do it differently.”

Returning with a newfound creative confidence, Jillette Johnson’s first new album in four years is an impressive collection of candid lyricism and a bolder, bigger sound. With an open-heartedness and imaginative ingenuity, It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You tackles every aspect of the human experience. From the lilting, self-destructiveness of “I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere” and the somber reflection on “Angelo” to the rollicking new single “Annie” and the impulsively romantic title track, It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You showcases Johnson’s hard-won optimism.

Photographer Credit: Betsy Phillips