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Ronnie Watts Heals From Heartbreak on ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’ EP

Ronnie Watts overcomes a broken heart in stunning EP, I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’. The six-track project blends emo and synth pop establishing a sense of nostalgia and longing that is complemented by her exceptional songwriting. Her lyrics possess a profound nuance captivating listeners, covering every stage of a break up in all of its passionate details.

Ronnie Watts Unveils New Emotional EP ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’

New ORPLID album “Deus Vult” out today

The new ORPLID album “Deus Vult” is hitting the stores today. The German neofolk masterpiece has been highly anticipated by the duos’ many followers.

ORPLID are the lyrical and musical embodiment of the German neofolk scene. With their eyes firmly on the past, the duo consisting of poet and singer Uwe Nolte as well as composer and multi-instrumentalist Frank Machau joined forces in 1996 in the Eastern German town of Halle at the river Saale.


Falcon releases the “The Good Stuff,” the third single from the forthcoming debut album Nova, out 10/16 on SONY/Provident Label Group.

In the video, Falcon looks back on the ashes of a relationship, with a peaceful appreciation for everything she’s learned. A subtle drum loop suggests the sound of a broken heart that’s slowly healing, supported by a cosmic wash of synthesizer textures.


Isaac says, “In my 17 years, I’ve never felt this much tension and witnessed such division amongst a country that is supposed to be “united”. i will miss america, but in order for there to be peace, we need to go through this ugly phase. While writing “Miss America” I wanted to look at the current state of the country and try to put into words how it makes me feel. This song helps me cope with the current climate in my own way, understanding the struggle of America while trying not to be critical. we are entering a new phase of this country and I hope there is positive change around the corner.”


SAYGRACE says about her inspiration for the new track: “I was dealing with fuckboys and commitment phobes and as a result developed this kind of tough exterior really tryna protect my heart. Out of nowhere, I found myself falling in love for the first time ever, all mushy in a serious relationship. I was like ‘wtf this is so weird, how did this happen how is this real’ and ‘Used To’ is just an expression of all that inner turmoil.”

“Fly Migrator” is a psychotropic rock experience from Leon III

Psychedelic rock with Americana undertones is how Andy Stepanian describes his band’s newest song and forthcoming album. “Fly Migrator”, with it’s Dead-like guitar preamble, stretches over nine minutes and establishes the sonic ground for Leon III’s forthcoming album, Antlers in Velvet. This is the first song released from the album and the first from Leon III since their 2018 debut. Leon III is Andy Stepanian (vocal, guitar, keyboard, piano, omnichord) Mason Brent (guitar, bass, vocal, banjo) who were both members of Wrinkle Neck Mules, a long running Virginia based band with a significant cult following, and founders of the popular Austin apparel brand Howler Brothers.


On the track, a Spanish incantation gives way to her haunting delivery as distortion buzzes in the background. The momentum picks up with the beat as she enchants on a haunting hook punctuated by glitchy echoes and dynamic inflection. It materializes as the ultimate bilingual graveyard bop. Be on the lookout for the premiere of the music video very soon.

Shy Boys’ newest album, Talk Loud, is out now on Polyvinyl Record Co.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve been terrified at the concept of death. Being raised in a deeply Evangelical family and community, I was indirectly (and directly) asked multiple times a week, “Do you know where you will go when you die?”, implying the possibility of an eternity literally in hell. That’s a lot for the irrational mind of a child to handle! ‘Fraid I Might Die’ is a 3am anxiety-fueled wrestling match with that deep-seeded fear I still have as an adult.” Collin Rausch

Hunter Porter shares anthemic, distinctly Californian pair of new singles

Today we’re sharing the new single from Southern California songwriter Hunter Porter. “Calm” is a driving, rollicking alt-rock track that puts Porter’s voice front and center as he confronts anxiety and resolves to forge ahead. It comes on the heals of “Nothing Left to Lose”, his first single of 2020 – a slowburn song about struggling to communicate with someone you love, but at the end of the day, knowing you’d do anything for them. He’s been a member of touring bands for years, and only recently began to focus more on his own projects.

Hunter Porter’s New Single Encourages You to Keep “Calm” [Premiere]

Repentance Debut Album God For A Day Out Now via Art is War Records/Intercept Music

God For A Day is out now via Art is War Records/Intercept Music. The album is available for review and the band is available for interviews!

Repentance came together in 2018 when Shaun Glass, a veteran guitarist of Broken Hope and Dirge Within, recruited Mike Sylvester on bass and began songwriting with lead guitarist Markus Johansson of the group Them. Robb Rivera of Nonpoint introduced Stuck Mojo front-man Robby J. Fonts and from there… Repentance was born.


Saint Bodhi, Los Angeles-based songwriter, whose steady stream of single + video releases have brought a ray of hope and light this year, adds to her collection with “Blessed,” single and video available everywhere today via Def Jam Recordings.

Zero 7 release new song; EP out Oct 23

Zero 7 have announced today’s release of “Outline,” the latest song from their eagerly awaited new SHADOWS EP – the acclaimed British duo’s first collection in more than half a decade. The song premiered on American Songwriter with a Q&A earlier today — “Shadows EP is the first record Zero 7 has released in a decade. The wait was worth the time. The songs may give Zero 7 another taste of what the duo (and friends) experienced years ago starting with a popular Radiohead remix and later with songs like ‘Destiny.'”

Zero 7 Discuss ‘Shadows’ EP, Share Second Single, “Outline”


Today, FLETCHER shares her new single “Bitter,” a collaboration with Billboard charting artist Trevor Daniel, produced by DJ/producer Kito (Diplo, Empress Of, Aluna George). Released via Capitol Records, the single reimagines a standout track from FLETCHER’s acclaimed new EP THE S(EX) TAPES which was “leaked” just two weeks ago hitting No. 1 on iTunes across all genres.

Andrew Hopson Releases New Single, “New To Neon”

Following the release of his successful debut single “Stronger Than That,” which garnered the newcomer his first Top 50 single on the MusicRow Chart, Andrew Hopson now releases his second single, “New to Neon;” a storytelling ballad of a straight-laced girl trying to find her way through the bright lights of Music City. The new song is now available for download and streaming;

“SE ABRE EL CIELO” The New Song By Puerto Rican Band CIRCO In Collaboration with The Argentinean Group CONOCIENDO RUSIA

The acclaimed Puerto Rican band CIRCO joined the Argentine rock band CONOCIENDO RUSIA, to create their new single “Se abre el cielo”. This special collaboration was accompanied by a music video, and is now available on all digital music platforms. The song, released under the La Buena FortunaMusic record label, was produced by all CIRCO members: José L. Abreu, José David Pérez, Edgardo Santiago and Orlando Méndez.

Uniting the sounds of Puerto Rico and Argentina, “Se abre el cielo” is a piece full of pleasant melodies, representing the contrast of emotions that collide with each other when people let go of a dying love and celebrate freedom.

Ella Mai Announces New Single “Not Another Love Song”

After wowing the world with her captivating self-titled debut album in 2018, Ella Mai is ready to begin a new chapter in her budding career with her forthcoming release, “Not Another Love Song.” Slated to be released Oct. 2, Mai’s first single in over two years “is about falling in love but not wanting to admit it, so it’s quite vulnerable but still has an edge to it,” she opines. Fans eager to get a dose of Ella’s amorous tune can pre-save the record beginning today.


Canada’s TWRP has released their fun-filled album Over the Top. The album is exactly what its title states, Over the Top, in the best way possible capitalizing on the groups stellar musicianship filled with rich vintage synthesizers, shred guitar, and driving disco rhythms that capture the bands brand of “future retro.” Over The Top is another entry in the TWRP discography that delivers an exaggerated rendering of their wide-ranging influences of styles and eras, crafted into something simultaneously playful, heartfelt, and tongue-in-cheek, all delivered with self-aware bombast and an uncommon musical precision. Old funk, modern electronic, and classic rock converge in their science fiction universe, as if Earth, Wind & Fire, Justice, and Yes provided the soundtrack to a Dune movie that was actually good.

New Single: Cinzia & The Eclipse “Runaway”

Her latest single “Runaway” highlights the importance of being bold and following your instincts and sets the tone to her debut EP slated for release this fall.

Jaguar Jonze Shares “DEADALIVE” Music Video

Jaguar Jonze (the moniker for musician-artist Deena Lynch) shares the cinematic and character-driven video for “DEADALIVE.” Co-directed by Ribal Hosn (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Wonderland, Oyster), the video is the first in a stunning 5-part series of visuals that delve into the complex mind and multi-faceted personas of Lynch. With each official music video, every track from the forthcoming EP will be transformed into an antihero character “in a cyberpunk, anime, futuristic, graphic, almost sci-fi world,” says Deena.

Legendary Red Dirt Singer-Songwriter Mike McClure Releases ‘Looking Up’

To look at the last few years of Mike McClure’s life is to understand that there has been a life-altering awakening. It’s been a time of reckoning, renewal and growth for the singer, songwriter, artist and producer—a five-year span that’s resulted in Looking Up, ten tracks that find him getting sober, wrestling with insecurity and finding a new love for both himself and others.

Out now: Diana DeMuth shares debut album ‘Misadventure’

Diana DeMuth shares her debut album, Misadventure, today via Thirty Tigers. The anticipation for DeMuth’s first-ever body of work became stronger with each single release — “Hotel Song,” “Rose of Nantucket,” “Steady Rolling” — a cover of Two Gallants’ hit, and “Into My Arms,” which came with a video featuring Wesley Schultz from The Lumineers, and “All The Liars.” Rolling Stone calls DeMuth’s music “a euphoric must-listen.”

FM Collective release new single “In My Backyard”

FM Collective, the industry super duo of Mike Lucero and Ken Stringfellow (Posies, REM, Big Star) announced the release of single “In My Backyard” today on streaming platforms.

“This song was inspired by an act of vandalism that occurred at the Jewish temple that I am affiliated with in Seattle,” Lucero says in a press release. “The incident occurred in the spring of 2017 right after the election of Donald Trump which had stoked the flames of thugs across America, including anti-Semites. While Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in the country, it was evidence that, even in the most modern, forward-thinking and tolerant cities, darkness lurks in the shadows. Today, the message today resonates stronger than ever.”

SIAMESE Release New Single ‘Home’ Feat. Drew From ‘Stray From The Path’

The award winning Danish post-hardcore band Siamese share their new single ‘Home’ along with a music video. For the song the band teamed up with Stray From The Path’s Drew York on guest vocals.

Stray From The Path’s Drew York about the collaboration:
“I loved working with Siamese, they gave me the opportunity to be creative for the 1st time since the pandemic hit. It felt great to get back into the studio again. Siamese trusted me and let me put my own twist on their art. That’s the kind of people that are worth collaborating with. The band is very strong, talented, and Mirza’s voice is so dope! This band has a bright future in heavy music, don’t sleep on Siamese.”

Precocious Rock Singer/Songwriter Griffin Holtby Brings the Heat in “The Fire” via American Songwriter

Holtby states that “The Hell Series includes three songs I wrote during a period when I was really struggling. My teen years were rough due to a personal identity crisis I experienced because of my adoption from Russia. At that age, I couldn’t understand why I felt so bad about myself, but it was pain stemming from abandonment and attachment issues. All I knew is that I was struggling to know who I was and where I came from and why I felt like I didn’t fit in. Many adopted teens go through that. You don’t feel connected to anything.” Additionally, Hotlby became enamored with a boy book series when he was young including Harry Potter and The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Through that he got the image of Hell and the underworld. On an IGTV session, Holty revealed, “I became familiar with the idea of hell through these book series I used to read as a kid. Authors never know how they will influence a songwriter by the images they create.” The new three song EP centers around themes of maturation, and contains tracks “This Ain’t Hell”, “The Fire” and “Diamonds and Gold”.

Griffin Holtby Brings the Heat in “The Fire”

RUFF MAJIK: Ghost Cult Unveils Zombie Apocalypse Themed Video From South African Stoner Rock Unit

“Lead Pills And Thrills” is the third single to be released from The Devil’s Cattle, the upcoming full-length from South African stoner rock collective RUFF MAJIK. It’s the first one to feature long-time producer and new member Evert Snyman plus founding member Johni Holiday front and centre on vocal duties. It’s also the first time the band experimented with piano driven rock ‘n’ roll. Lyrically, the latest single song deals with crippling addiction to both lost love and alcohol.

Body Language Share “Boomerang” Via American Songwriter, ‘Travel Guide’ LP Out October 9th On Om Records

Today, Brooklyn-based pop group Body Language share “Boomerang”, the third single from their upcoming LP Travel Guide, out October 9th on Om Records. A shimmering ballad, Body Language infuse trance-inducing house rhythms and R&B harmonies behind vocals that dive into the cyclical nature of relationships.

Body Language Feel the Hit on “Boomerang”

Irontom To Release Their New Album “Cult Following” Today

Alternative rock band IRONTOM will release their new album Cult Following today, September 25th in partnership with ONErpm. The rock outfit are an exuberant indie band that combine post-punk, prog, psychedelic flourishes and funk rock grooves…culminating in retro yet new California sound. IRONTOM was signed by Chris Allen (ONErpm A&R/Business Development) with the company helping the band accrue over 295k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Fly By Midnight and Shoffy release ‘Caffeine’

Indie/Pop artists Fly By Midnight and Shoffy link up for a show-stopping new single ‘Caffeine’ out now via Snafu Records. To coincide with the single release, the artists have also debuted the official music video on that pays homage to the female icons of the 90s’. With ‘International Coffee Day’ just days around the corner on October 1st, ‘Caffeine’ is the perfect soundtrack for the holiday and will serve as the first collaboration between the artists.

narou Shares Debut EP ‘GOOD COMPANY’

On September 25th, narou shares his ‘GOOD COMPANY’ EP; a body of work reflecting on the importance of being surrounded by positive people. With features from Noah Slee, at the crib. and Golow, the collection of tracks wind through narratives of modern relationships with production that showcases narou as a multi-talented artist.

Majestic and Kelsey link up on new single ‘Me & U’

North London DJ and producer Majestic has joined forces with vocalist Kelsey on new single ‘Me & U’, out on Friday 25th September.

Sampling US singer-songwriter Cassie’s 2006 debut single of the same name, ‘Me & U’ is a piano-led big room house jam centred around euphoric chords and Kelsey’s seductive vocals. The track sees Majestic continue his prolific start to the new decade, with the UKG veteran previously collaborating and remixing tracks from the likes of Sammy Porter, Kaskade and Sam Bird.

Mike Konstanty links up with Leela D on new track ‘Come To My Room’

Polish DJ and producer Mike Konstanty has joined forces with UK singer-songwriter Leela D on new track ‘Come To My Room’, out on Friday 25th September.

Announcing itself with a chunky, pulsating bassline, ‘Come To My Room’ makes way for Leela D’s scintillating vocals and a euphoric piano breakdown – an infectious club cut that’s simply impossible to ignore.


Donovan Woods is a songwriter adept at magnifying the tiniest moments of human intimacy, and in “She Waits For Me to Come Back Down”, his new duet with Katie Pruitt, they explore the ability of love’s grace to overcome unhealthy imbalances. As part of the Donovan Woods With People Project supporting independent creators and bridging art and music culture during the pandemic, the track is accompanied by a video created by LA-based choreographer/dancer Mackenzie Martin (Missy Elliot, LuLuLemon, Sephora,) performing an interpretive dance to the song at the Imperial Sand Dunes near the California/Mexico border.

The Deathray Davies Announce ‘Time Well Wasted,’ First LP in 15 Years

If you can believe it, 15 years have passed since the garage rock outfit The Deathray Davies have shared any new material. That changes today with the forthcoming release of a brand new album, Time Well Wasted.

The record’s first single, “Then You Met Me,” inspired by the sound of the 60’s British invasion, is available to stream + share everywhere today. Watch the official music video on YouTube, as well.

Hēran Soun Shares Electro-Experimental Video/Single “A Picture of a Woman”

“I got to be one of Nicola Delorme’s (Photographer) subjects when I was in Paris, I love his work and this Polaroid project he is constantly adding to (if you haven’t seen it, do search it out). I was still working on the song and sent him an early version to hopefully work together on the cover art and video. To me it was a perfect fit! Personally, the song is about one person, but the collaboration and his project opened it up to be the subjective perfection in any lover’s eye.” – Jamie Freeman-Turner (Hēran Soun)

TOMBS Unleashes Apocalyptic New Single via Decibel

Brooklyn metal formation TOMBS has partnered with Decibel Magazine to unleash their apocalyptic second single, “Bone Furnace,” along with a visualizer. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length, ‘Under Sullen Skies’ on November 20 via Season of Mist.

Track Premiere: Tombs – ‘Bone Furnace’