Short term car insurance for 19 year old to reduce annual premiums

Many people very well know that car insurance for teens and young drivers has higher premiums than older drivers. Whether you want to buy auto insurance for your child or looking to buy your car insurance policy for the first time as a young driver, it is always advised to get an estimate of the coverage you will have to pay.

Are you wondering how much would be the best auto insurance for 19 year old driver? If we talk about the average cost of car insurance for a 19 year old, it is nearly $3,560 per year for full coverage. This amount is quite higher than the drivers of age 30. You must also know that as you age, your car insurance premiums will get reduced by the time. Newly licensed drivers are always asked to pay higher insurance rates.

There are several reasons for being paid an expensive policy, where one of the main reasons is the inexperience behind the wheel and these drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents because of their driving habits. Car insurance companies consider 19 year old drivers as a risky deal, so they charge higher rates.

The cost of car insurance premiums of a 19 year old driver varies from state to state as well as the type of coverage you are buying. Moreover, if you choose to add your child under your car insurance policy, it will affect your rates and you will be charged with higher premiums.

Short term car insurance for 19 year old student

It is true that students are less experienced and are younger drivers where many of them are still unfamiliar with the various traffic rules. Therefore, they are hit with higher premiums than the average. But, still, there is a hope to reduce this premium rate. If you are a student who uses a car very rarely or just a few weeks in a year, you can get the cheap deal by purchasing short term car insurance instead of getting annual coverage.

Many students do not take their cars in high school, college, or university; they choose to leave it at home. There are chances that they are still paying annual premiums, whether you have purchased their own car insurance policy or have added their name on their parents’ policy.

Also, male drivers have higher insurance rates than female drivers, no matter what age you have. So, if you are looking for the best car insurance for 19 year old female, you have to pay an average of $5,700 which is around $1,000 less than the annual coverage of a 19 year old male.

Though some states do not follow gender as the factor to calculate premiums, it is recommended to check with your company if they are considering this factor.

Can a 19 year old driver get a less expensive car insurance policy?

This average amount is just an estimate that you may be asked to pay premiums of a somewhat similar figure. But, generally, they can be reduced if you take care of a few points. Like, shop around and compare quotes can help you find better rates as compared to your existing company. As each insurance company uses different factors to determine the premiums, getting multiple quotes would really help in finding the less expensive car insurance.

Alias Insurance can help young drivers with the best insurance policy and with the discounts if there would be any. The experts help you to compare the quotes and find the best possible rates that best fit your driving needs and budget. Within just a few minutes, you can insure your car and will be covered at the cheapest price.