People Are Loving The New Video By Izzie’s Caravan ‘On The Pull’

Izzie’s Caravan embarks on a wild, playful ride with the freewheeling, free spirited style of “On The Pull”. Here the lyrics are delivered with such the right level of brashness that they are a true joy to behold. Everything about the song is wild from the carefree chaotic energy of the band to the unexpected narratives of the storytelling all of it makes for a great deal of pure joy. Stylistically they incorporate pieces of hard rock within a punk ethos. By forgoing easy pigeonholing, they make sure to keep the listener on their toes.

They blast right into the middle of things with what appears to be at first a bit of a tryst. A sense of undeniable passion comes through loud and clear before making a sharp left turn. Sung with just the right degree of intensity nothing ever slows down. With each reiteration the song grows and grows. Never becoming too busy they maintain a shambolic sort of garage rock ethos, with the drums working on an emotional as well as timekeeping approach. Everything about it seems to possess its own unique sense of wonder as the characters within the tale have the most unfortunate things happen, losing toasters when they thought something completely different was in store, etc. For the final stretch they let the guitars loose showing off their impeccable chops.

“On The Pull” shows off the undeniable skill of Izzie’s Caravan in crafting a sense of pure amused confusion and disorientation in a way that feels celebratory.