“Find Out” What You’re Missing Introducing Milli¥en

Milli¥en is a 20 year old Singer, Songwriter and Rap Artist born and raised in Western Sydney, Australia. Milli¥en started writing his first raps when he was only a 4th grader in school. Milli¥en draws inspiration from his experiences in life and uses music as an outlet to express himself in ways that others can relate to, in the hopes that they can escape their own reality.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5v41tPSo5TjtCKVzCY8cdF

“Find Out is a song I wrote about out-growing certain people around me. I wanted the lyrics to portray how life has “switched up” since I started making music but I also wanted the vibe to feel like a rockstar that’s having the time of their life. I don’t hold anything back when it comes to my music and I give 100% every time”

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