Dolly Spectra Announces Release of Hyperpop Single “Look Me In The Eye”

Dolly Spectra follows up her recent release “Whatcha Gonna Do” with “Look Me in the Eye,” a driving hyperpop single that playfully merges the sonic realms of old school Prince and Britney Spears with ultra synthetic artists such as Poppy and Charli XCX. Supported by vintage Prophet synth hooks, Dolly’s lyrical landscape evokes the feeling of playing tag on the beach with your crush, poking fun at them, and egging them on to step out of their comfort zone. It delivers that rush of jumping into the water head first and making a bold move. “Look Me In The Eye” will tickle your ears and have the butterflies in your stomach dancing along to Dolly’s dulcet vocals.

“‘Look Me In The Eye’ is a song for all the shy folks out there, the wallflowers, and even those who may seem extroverted but play it safe to avoid the uncomfortable.” -Dolly Spectra

“Look Me In The Eye”: