5 Things To Know About Choosing Recreational Cannabis in Michigan

While somewhat restricted in certain spots, recreational marijuana in Michigan is growing and expanding at a brisk pace. There are a number of products intended for recreational use including marijuana flowers, vaping supplies, concentrates (like CBD and THC), edibles and miscellaneous products like tinctures, patches, bath bombs and stuff that doesn’t fit into the previous categories. The market did a brisk $31 million in sales within the first three months and is still expanding, despite setbacks created by the recent pandemic and some problems with local jurisdictions opting out of allowing marijuana businesses in their communities.

Before using marijuana recreationally, it’s important to understand the health benefits, effects and risks and select a dispensary with them in mind. Here are both health and a few non-health related things to consider when selecting a dispensary for recreational marijuana use in Michigan.

Learn about the different dispensaries ahead of time

Research is the key to finding the right dispensary to suit your needs. Different dispensaries may have a unique selection of products and despite the small number of them, you’ll find a vast selection of recreational marijuanas in Michigan. There are different types of dispensaries to keep in mind:

  • Delivery where you order online or on the phone and have your purchase delivered straight to your home.
  • Storefronts where you can enter a shop, look around and speak with guest service representatives while making a purchase in-store.
  • Curbside Pickup is a relatively new way of providing a contactless experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic at a storefront.
  • Recreational shops, who specialize in the various types of recreational marijuana and medical shops who specialize in providing marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  • CBD Stores specializing in Cannabidiol derived products.

Many dispensaries also have a designated, knowledgeable individual called a “budtender” who can answer any questions related to cannabis and the various products derived from it. Smoking cannabis isn’t the only way it’s used recreationally, so make sure you know the types of products a store carries and make your selection from there.

Look for a dispensary that has your health in mind

When researching dispensaries, keep a look out for experienced budtenders and a dispensary that puts its customers or patients health first. Knowing the type of cannabis you’re looking for helps, but it’s best to ask as many questions as possible to learn about the quality of the cannabis, how it’s grown and cultivated, along with the known effects. Be able to describe the types of effects you’re seeking and be very clear about your intent with using cannabis. A good budtender will inquire about your goals with cannabis, knowledge, past experience and may ask about health conditions that may interact negatively with using cannabis. Asking targeted questions and receiving intelligent answers from knowledgeable staff is a fantastic way to determine if the dispensary is interested in your health and wellness or just your cash

Understand the risks of recreational marijuana

Like many other recreational products, marijuana should only be used in moderation. The benefits of recreational marijuana may make you feel relaxed or put you in a temporary good mood, but too much use can lead to dependence or addiction to the drug. This is especially concerning when it comes to edibles, as they are slower to create an effect and it’s very easy to consume more than the recommended amount at one time. Using too much marijuana can cause red eyes, cottonmouth, impaired judgment, mess with your motor skills, inhibit your reaction time and alter your perception—on top of making you extremely hungry or increasing your appetite.

Look for a safe and comfortable atmosphere

Just as you would visit a cozy coffee shop with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it makes sense to seek something similar regarding a recreational marijuana dispensary. A friendly, clean, organized and well-kept facility not only makes a customer feel welcome, it shows the product and service are likely high quality. Checking out what other customers are saying and seeking an analysis of online reviews can help you decide if a dispensary is safe and comfortable enough or if it’s one you’ll give a pass.

Find a dispensary that is friendly to your budget

The last part of the equation is finding something that won’t break your budget. Saving money is always important and since both medical and recreational marijuana are subject to taxes, with the latter subject to a 10% excise tax. Some dispensaries will have a good selection of products at low prices, while others will have loyalty programs that provide discounts for repeat customers/patients. The best thing to do is research the different dispensaries in your area and choose accordingly to fit your budgetary needs. By doing plenty of research on dispensaries and following these guidelines, you can experience recreational marijuana safely in Michigan without breaking your budget or messing with your health.