Accidental President Unleash Their “Warrior Soul”

Accidental President captures the zeitgeist on the powerful message of “Warrior Soul”. Through song, they capture the inherent exploitation of countless individuals in the name of a vaguely-understood concept of “civilization”. Rhythms chug their way through with a driving force leading the way. Lyrics truly rest at the very heart of the entire piece while they deftly covered centuries of oppression that must be undone. Everything about the track comes together from the careful guitar work to the gradual evolution of the groove. Vocals have a sense of urgency about them while they unfurl with so much sheer determination. Stylistically, they bring together elements of hard rock and metal into a fully realized whole.

Not a moment is wasted for they dive headfirst into the sound. Things blast off for they make sure that the mood is set immediately. With a penchant for storytelling they let the narrative build and build. Incredible word choice means that the piece works on an emotional level as well. With a dramatic flair they let the story speak for itself, allowing for whole generations of sadness to come to the surface. By refusing to sugarcoat their sound they get to the heart of the ugliness featuring a spirit that becomes outright defiant as the piece progresses. Evolution of the sound occurs within the periphery as the shifts are gradual, yet still significant.

“Warrior Soul” shows off the undeniably unique work of Accidental President in infusing hard rock with a degree of thoughtfulness.