Chris Bender Gets Heard On ‘Glad In It’

Glad In It is clearly written from a position of faith, carrying a message that life’s ups and downs are merely tests, battles that we emerge stronger and more resolved for having fought. But it is a message which is applicable to everyone no matter what their beliefs, no matter which paths they follow. There is indeed something universal and relevant to all that perhaps it is adversity which builds character, it is our low points which help us see life’s riches for what they are.

And message aside, there is something wonderfully infectious about Glad In It. It’s a big song, a euphoric song, a celebratory song and it is hard not to get caught up in its groovesome ways. Pop writ large. It feels like the successor to the socially conscious soul and funk of the seventies, a time, like now, which also faced many world-changing challenges. Perhaps the darker the world around us the brighter the light that helps us see the way through. Chris Bender’s music feels like the brightest light of all.